Celebrating 45 Years of Service

Barbara Hill

Department: Developmental Biology

Barbara is more than an employee, she is a part of the Developmental Biology family. Hard working, knowledgeable, dedicated of course, anyone who knows Barbara understands that. It is the hard work behind the scenes that is not apparent. Staying until the job is done, often times until late into the night, doing what it takes to get the job done is just what she does. She treats, and teaches, undergrads and visiting scholars equally well. She has a wonderful sense of humor, she never makes a fuss or calls attention to herself. And she has been doing it for so long that it is easy to take her for granted. Much of the work that has come out of the laboratories Barbara has supported would not have been possible without her. That is why it is special that we get to congratulate her on this anniversary of her work at Stanford. If Stanford is a special place it is because of people like Barbara. Without her we would not be as successful as we are!

Melchor Madrigal

Department: Comparative Medicine

Melchor started working for Stanford University in August 1972 in the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM), later to become the Department of Comparative Medicine, Veterinary Service Center (VSC). He started as an Animal Care Technician 1. His dedication and hard work led him to be promoted to Animal Care Technician 2 and then to Animal Care Technician 3. DLAM was continuing to grow, and a second maintenance person was needed.  Melchor was the ideal candidate for this position.

As a maintenance person, Melchor found his niche. He took trade courses, worked beside vendor technicians, and aided University and Hospital maintenance personnel to improve his skills. He is relied upon to maintain and repair cage washing equipment, autoclaves, automatic watering systems, repair and weld caging, and any other task that is asked of him. He makes certain all of our systems and equipment are working properly and promptly addresses issues to minimize any impact on the operation. He strives for excellence and always does his best to satisfy his customers. Melchor’s service is continually sought after by everyone in the Department of Comparative Medicine and other Departments to repair equipment.

Melchor’s can-do attitude and high commitment to the VSC and the Department has always been a reflection of his personality. In 2017, Melchor was presented with our interdepartmental DeVere Charron, Fourth Quarter Spotlight Award, reaffirming how valued he is to our department.

Melchor is also a devoted father to his family and loves spending time with them and taking them on various trips.

Melchor is a wonderful asset to the team and is very proud of his service to the research mission of the University.