Celebrating 45 Years of Service

Timothy F. Gadus

Facilities Planning & Management

F. Timothy Gadus arrived at the Stanford University campus during the summer of 1969 when Dr. Len Herzenberg assigned him work in his lab.  The young man had traveled from his native Cleveland to California and engaged in protests against the Vietnam war.  Following an arrest and a 3-month probation sentence, Dr. Leonard Herzenberg, who was also an antiwar activist, offered him work in his lab as a means of completing his probation.  And thus began Tim’s career at the School of Medicine.

Without a doubt, Tim is Cardinal fan #1, whether it is basketball, football or volleyball, you can catch him at most games.  Tim’s passion for all things Stanford is well-known, as is his tremendous knowledge and recollection of events during his long tenure.  After 45 years, his commitment to Stanford University’s mission, values and commitments remain steadfast as ever.  Tim’s passion and zeal come through in every effort he undertakes and he has had many contributions to the Stanford community.  The Stanford Golf Course is perhaps the only place where Tim has not been stellar in his performance, still trying to conquer the course after all these years.  Recent reports suggest that the battle continues to rage with the golf course still having the upper hand!

For his first twenty years, Tim was a research technician in the Herzenberg Lab in the Department of Genetics. During that time, he was a co-author on several scientific papers detailing aspects of immunological responses in mouse models. His research work also assisted many post-docs and graduate students including Pat Jones and Garry Nolan, both of whom are current Stanford faculty. He also produced tens of liters of monoclonal antibodies and myeloma proteins along with managing the mouse colony.

The next eight years took him to the role of Operations and Facilities Manager in Developmental Biology, starting when the Beckman Center opened in 1989. He managed the moves of many faculty to Stanford, many of whom are still here. During this time, his interest in the University’s chemical tracking systems got him a spot on the University Reengineering Team for two years.  His efforts contributed to the transformation of the Buy/Pay processes including the reimbursement process and, introduced the Purchasing Card to Stanford.

In 1998, Tim moved to the Office of Facilities Planning & Management where he continues to be today. His work in a research lab, knowledge of faculty and their research programs and familiarity with the Medical Center physical plant positioned him for becoming the Space and Assets Manager for the School. Along with assisting for the long-term space planning for the School, he has developed options and solutions for 100’s of space requests for School of Medicine departments. In 2002, he joined a University-wide team charged with designing a replacement space database. The end product was iSpace, introduced in 2003, and still in use today.

The Tim I see today is still is driven by the need to help faculty and students and to see Stanford succeed. Tim has been an incredible partner and colleague and continues to be a mentor and advisor to me and countless others who seek out his advice, counsel and friendship. Such is his personality, that after 45 years he comes to work every day with an infectious enthusiasm and sense of purpose.  To me, this more than anything else exemplifies the Stanford spirit and what makes Tim Gadus a true Cardinal gem!