Celebrating 40 Years of Service

Norma Malimban was hired on September 17, 1973, as a glassware washer in the Biochemistry Department. In addition to providing sterile glassware to laboratory personnel, Norma contributes to the smooth functioning research enterprise by defrosting and cleaning freezers, making media, conducting inventories, and lab cleanups.

Throughout her tenure of more than 40 years, she has assisted countless numbers of Biochemistry graduate students and postdocs in the performance of their experiments, in the quest for major breakthroughs in cures of human diseases.  Norma is an exceptionally pleasant person to work with and has many special relationships with the graduate students and postdocs that have rotated through the department.  She has been able to witness the transition of some of our renowned faculty as they have matured through the ranks from student, to postdoctoral fellow, to Professor.

We thank Norma for her many contributions to the Department and wish her well in the future.