Celebrating 35 Years of Service

Ella M. Doyle

Microbiology & Immunology

Start date: 5/9/77

Ella Doyle began her career at Stanford University Medical Center in 1977, and joined the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in 1989 as a laboratory glassware washer. Over the span of Ella’'s impressive 35-year career, she has undoubtedly washed and sterilized thousands of laboratory glassware that hundreds (if not thousands) of researchers have used. As many know, clean and sterile glassware is very important, and Ella’'s glassware washing support has most certainly contributed to countless projects over the years. On behalf of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, we want to congratulate Ella on her 35th anniversary at Stanford.

Nancy Magee (Supervisor)

Dolly Kagawa


Start date: 2/24/77

Dolly joined Stanford University in February of 1977, and, over the last 35 years, she has committed tremendous time, effort and passion to making the things in her sphere of influence and control the best that they can possibly be. During the first 2 decades of her time at Stanford, she worked as a devoted Administrative Assistant for multiple Chiefs of the Division of Emergency Medicine, most recently Dr. Robert Norris. In 1999, recognizing the wealth of knowledge she has regarding the functioning of the Medical Center and her ability to “get things done,” Dr. Norris appointed her Operations Manager for the Division of Emergency Medicine, and she has excelled in that role. Her responsibilities include overseeing the daily administrative activities of the Division, including managing faculty appointments and promotions, handling expenditures, and supervising multiple administrative assistants. Her organizational skills are excellent and her work product superb, but where she stands out is in how she deals with people. She has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in others, no matter what kind of day they are having. She has truly won the admiration and respect of everyone in the Division of Emergency Medicine and all with whom she interacts in the School of Medicine and the Hospitals. In a program that by its very nature tends to run at a frenetic pace, her presence is calming and refreshing. All in the Stanford Division of Emergency Medicine would like to thank her for her 35 years of outstanding service! 

Dr. Robert Norris (Supervisor)

Sheryl Ann Kendall


Start date: 3/30/77

Sheryl has had an interesting career over the last 35 years. She began working at Stanford after her position was eliminated at Litronix of USA, a leading semi-conductor company in the 1970s that manufactured the first reliable and mass produced LED and LCD displays for digital watches and calculators. When Sheryl was offered a position in the University Controller’s Office as a Will Call Check auditor, back when Xerox machines copied twenty pages per minute and were the size of a room, she had no idea that 35 years later she would have contributed to the success of the University and School of Medicine by working in various departments at both the University and in School of Medicine.

Sheryl is one of the most organized individuals that I have worked with in my financial career. She truly enjoys sharing her extremely broad financial experience and understanding of Stanford polices and systems with the faculty, DFAs, and fellow co-workers on a daily basis. Her keen analytical skills and creativity assist her in the role of managing the growing SoM Dean’s Commitments. Prior to joining the SoM Controller’s Office, Sheryl organized and managed the financial operations in the Department of Surgery, the University Controller’s Office and University Development Office.

Sheryl attributes her success at Stanford to some very special people, and she would like to take this opportunity to thank Barbara Craig, Donald C. Meyer, Steve Dunatov, Perry Everett, Robert Krochak, Stephanie Edelman, Brian David, Carol Buffum, and Marcia Cohen.

Although this chapter of Sheryl’s life is far from over, the next chapter will most certainly include snorkeling, flip flops, and her annual three-week pilgrimage to Hawaii with her husband, Keith.

Brian Hoffmeister (Supervisor)

Mary E. Palmer

Research Management Group

Start date: 06/27/77

Mary Palmer’'s career at Stanford University began 35 years ago. Approximately half of those years have been with the Research Management Group where Mary presently serves as the Research Process Manager Trainer, a position she has held for the last 6 years. Mary trains newly hired RPMs in areas of compliance, policy, and processes as they relate to Research Administration. The training she provides prepares the RPMs for the certification exams that will authorize them to act as Institutional Officials with signature authority to submit proposals and accept grant awards on behalf of the University. To date, Mary has trained 39 RPMs. As if that wasn’'t an achievement in itself, one of her biggest accomplishments is sculpting and refining this training program to what it is today. Prior to becoming the RPM Trainer, Mary was a Research Process Manager for 12 years. She joined RMG in 1995 while it was in its pilot phase. The experience she gained as an RPM has been invaluable in her daily training of RPMs. Despite the stressful deadline-driven environment that exists in RMG, anyone who interacts with Mary is sure to encounter her cheerful, positive, can do attitude that is central to Mary’'s personality. Her patience is second to none.

Prior to joining RMG, Mary’'s career included positions in the Department of Neurobiology, the Department of Psychology, and the Institutes for Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences now known as CSLI. In all of these positions, Research Administration has been at the core of her career where she created her wealth of knowledge.

Work is not the only priority for Mary. She also likes to remain active, have fun and enjoy life. Mary maintains work life balance by staying active through swimming, going to the gym, and hiking with her husband and Border Collie named Logan. Additionally, she enjoys traveling, music of all genres, attending the annual Portland Blues Festival, and wine tasting. Mary enjoys relaxing with friends and family while enjoying light conversation and a nice glass of wine (her favorite is Zinfandel from the Dry Creek Area in California). For those of us who have had the opportunity to socialize with Mary, known to some as “Night Mary,” we see her personality shine through, always happy, always smiling, always reflecting on the positive things in life. Cheers to Mary!

Sonia Barragan (Supervisor)

Debra Scheuch


Start date: 9/6/77

I have worked closely with Debbie since coming to School of Medicine in 2007. Debbie is highly resourceful, possesses a very in-depth knowledge of the Stanford systems and polices, and is always willing to share her knowledge with those around her. Aside from her interest in Finance and Accounting, Debbie has a true gift for teaching, and enjoys sharing her gift with others. Over the last 35 years, Debbie has excelled in numerous positions within the School of Medicine as well as at the University. Debbie joined the University in Development Services –Gift Processing after graduating from San Jose State University in 1977.

Soon after joining the University, Debbie began her journey throughout the Medical School Campus. Debbie spent the 1980’s in the Medical Center Finance Department, when the group consisted of Hospital, Clinic and School. During this time period, she was involved in Finance for both the Hospital and School of Medicine. Her desire to experience department operations drew her to the Department of Pathology as Assistant DFA, and eventually DFA, working with Dr. Klaus Bensch, chairman of the department.

Debbie later returned to the Dean’'s Office and was promoted to Associate Controller in 2005. Debbie has been instrumental in the implementation of many financial systems including Oracle Financials, CMS, FFIT and the beginning of OBIE. Throughout Debbie’'s dedication and commitment to SoM, she has worked with 6 Deans, participated in the annual LCME survey and three LCME accreditations, and enjoyed the evolution from 18 column ledger paper to Excel spreadsheets.

This is my opportunity to sincerely thank Debbie for her many years of service and the delight of interacting with her on a daily basis.

Brian Hoffmeister (Supervisor)