Celebrating 20 Years of Service

Dori Boyles


Start date: 10/21/91

I have worked closely with Dori since she became our Neurosurgery Department's DFA in 1994, and additionally as DFA for the Stanford Institute for Neuro-Innovation and Translational Neurosciences (SINTN) since 2008. Over the last 18 years, she has done an extraordinary job of managing numerous complex functions in both Neurosurgery and also Neurology, as well as in SINTN. She is exceptionally intelligent, highly resourceful, very articulate and quite energetic. She not only possesses an in-depth knowledge of the Department's and SINTN's finances and administrative infrastructure, but understands broader issues involving strategic planning and programmatic development. Dori is extremely perceptive, sensitive to all members of the department including staff, faculty residents and students, and consistently displays creativity in projecting future plans and resolving conflicts. She is one of the most loyal colleagues I have encountered in my 38 years at Stanford.

Dori's leadership and commitment has been essential to the remarkable growth of our Neurosurgery Department over the last decade. She deserves credit for much of the success we have achieved as a nationally recognized Department, and also for the more recent expansion and success of SINTN over the last 3 ½ years. She has a wonderful personality, making it a delight for everyone who interacts with her.

Gary Steinberg (Supervisor)

Thomas Brosnan, PhD


Start date: 1/21/91

Dr. Brosnan joined the Radiological Sciences Lab in 1991, shortly after the lab was established and only several years after his graduation from Stanford's EE Department. Over the years, I have always counted myself fortunate for having attracted Tom in the first place and for managing to keep him for the 20-something years since.

Dr. Brosnan manages all aspects of our computing and IT infrastructure, and over the years has developed hundreds of programs and scripts both for the lab in general and as solutions for individuals from students and research staff to faculty, administrators and others in our lab and the department. He is legendary for his assistance with the software maintenance of our center's magnetic resonance instrumentation, frequently providing assistance and strategic advice to the manufacturer in solving problems. He also assists with maintaining the clinical scanners' software with their unique research environments. He is always cheerful and available to everyone who comes to him for assistance in setting up their laptops, desktops, servers or other data.

Tom's talent and experience in all things computer have made him a precious resource not only to our lab, but many others in the department, and even in the Stanford IT group. I am extremely thankful for all the service he has given to the countless many. I am deeply appreciative that he has chosen to remain a devoted member of the lab when he could instantly command a semi-infinite salary anywhere else in Silicon Valley.

Tom, many, many thanks for your contributions to so many!

Gary Glover (Supervisor)

Darby Cunning


Start date: 1/1/91

For the past two decades, Darby has played a central role in coordinating research studies through the Laboratory for the Study of Behavioral Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry. Much of her work has focused on running studies designed to improve healthy weight regulation practices (good eating and exercise) and body image in adolescents, and to prevent eating disorders in adolescents and young adults. Darby's kindness and good nature are matched only by her dedication, incredible attention to detail, and ability to manage seemingly impossible tasks. She has been a good friend and "mother" to the many Stanford students and trainees who have worked with her.

In the last few years, Darby has helped develop a data management system that has enabled the training of over 1000 therapists for the VA's National Dissemination of Evidence Based Therapies for Depression program. Her passion for soccer kept her in the game long after her orthopedic surgeon might have thought it advisable. She dedicates much of her spare time to causes related to social justice.

Dr. C Barr Taylor (Supervisor)

Hector Figueroa

IRT/Lane Library

Start date: 11/16/91

Hector started working at the Lane Medical library at age 18 and never expected to be here this long. He has seen and contributed to many of Lane's successes, he is currently in charge of Lane's physical collections and is a wonderful supervisor to student employees. Returning medical students and residents are always delighted to see Hector, and he considers Lane and Stanford as his second home and his co-workers family. Thank you, Hector, for your 20 years at Stanford.

Shannon Meaney (Supervisor)

Pam Gearhart

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 8/19/91

Pam has worked at Stanford Blood Center for 20 years, starting as a Registrar working in the department of Donor Registration. After about 10 years, Pam was asked to fill in for someone who was leaving the Office of Autologous and Directed Donations at the Blood Center. She ended up staying and working in that department, until recently, for an additional 10 years. Since a recent re-organization at the Blood Center which replaced the Office of Autologous and Directed Donations with a new Special Donations department, Pam has now returned to her roots and is working as a Registrar in Donor Registration.

Pam is a loyal employee and a good team player. She is pleasant and helpful, working hard to serve our many customers: staff, patients, physicians, and donors. She often receives calls of appreciation from patients, donors and physicians' offices who want to thank her for her help.

Carlene Vasquez (Supervisor)

Mark Gutierrez

Educational Programs and Services

Start date: 9/3/91

Mark Gutierrez joined the Center of Excellence one year after its founding in 1992. Mark came highly recommended by colleagues from the main campus with special recognition for his strong support for diversity and his strong management skills. Mark joined the Center to manage our program's budget, which entailed learning university policies and federal grant guidelines, monitoring budgets, and developing working relationships with students, physicians, and other administrators. Now, he plays a major role in the development, organization, and completion of all grant applications. Mark's career has been marked by expansion of skills and level of responsibility. He quickly mastered the finance part of his job and began to move more and more towards project development. A good example of this is his work on our Stanford University Minority Medical Student Conference (SUMMA). This conference hosts approximately 500 minority premedical students each year. Mark has facilitated the development of a protocol that defines timelines, responsibilities, and funding. This effort entails working with about twenty students and six staff. Essentially, Mark has emerged as a leader and facilitator of complex projects.

Another example of his work includes the re-organization of the Early Matriculation Program. Founded in 1984 to promote diversity and leadership, this program, now known as the Leadership in Health Disparities Program, is open to any medical student interested in a leadership career involving health disparities. Mark has been pivotal in the success of this transition. He has developed promotional materials such as a brochure and meets with prospective students throughout the year. After the first year of the new program, it was expanded to include leadership presentations throughout the regular school year. Again, Mark was called upon to facilitate this expansion. In addition, this past summer he co-taught a leadership course in the Stanford Summer Health Careers Opportunity Program for premedical students. He has really found a deep interest in leadership. In fact, Mark is currently enrolled in a master's degree program on leadership at the University of San Francisco. Mark is critical to the development and success of the Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education. We are all thankful for his valuable years of service and dedication.

Ron Garcia (Supervisor)

Joyce Hanna

Medicine/Stanford Prevention Research Center

Start date: 5/20/91

Joyce Hanna has been an outstanding member of the HIP staff for twenty years. For the past fifteen years, she has served as the Associate Director of the Health Improvement Program. While her accomplishments have been many, I would like to focus on two very successful programs that Joyce developed and managed. Joyce has been the Director of the Women's Health Conference held for the past 13 years at the Stanford Sierra Camp. This program is popular with Stanford Alumnae, many of whom return year after year, and some who come to the program with daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. Joyce also developed and manages a fitness program for cancer survivors called, "Living Strong: Living Well". This program began with one YMCA in Palo Alto and quickly spread throughout the YMCAs in Silicon Valley. In addition, YMCAs throughout the United States have implemented this program with great success due to the excellent training received by YMCA staff who wish to lead these groups.

Joyce has a graduate degree in both nutrition and exercise physiology, and she has taught a wide variety of classes on these and other topics related to lifestyle and health improvement. Joyce has been a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the Stanford Health Library. Finally, Joyce lives what she teaches. She completed the New York marathon, won her age group in the Pikes Peak marathon, has climbed the Himalaya Mountains, and to the base camp of Mt. Everest. Joyce has represented Stanford University in many capacities and in each she has shown why Stanford University is among the great universities in the world.

Wes Alles (Supervisor)

K. Farish Haydel

Medicine/Stanford Prevention Research Center

Start date: 6/15/91

After graduating from Stanford with a B.A. in Human Biology, Farish joined her advisor, Communication Professor Emeritus Nathan Maccoby, at the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention (now the Stanford Prevention Research Center). In 1990, she first joined the Youth Studies Group as a temporary, part-time data collector. She was hired as a full-time data collector in 1991. As the junior member of the team, she was endearingly teased about her young age by the more seasoned members of the team. Farish's age became a yardstick for everyone else's age (e.g., so how old was Farish when Joel received his PhD?) Subsequently, scores of others have come and gone as Farish developed her skills and career as a member of the Youth Studies Group, advancing from data collector to scientific programmer and database manager, and finally Applications Software Developer and data analyst.

She is now one of the senior leaders of the research team, training, educating and mentoring fellow research staff. Interrupted by only a few brief breaks, for her marriage to Aaron and the birth of her children, Tara and Will, she has been a consistent and conspicuous contributor to every study conducted by our lab. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, commitment to quality, relentless drive to root out and eliminate error wherever and whenever possible, savvy with numbers and data reporting, tireless effort, friendly community spirit, unwavering ethical standards, feelings of personal responsibility to research participants, and dedication to producing the highest quality research, have been a constant over the past 20 years.

Tom Robinson (Supervisor)

Colleen James

Research Management Group

Start date: 7/15/91

Colleen James has served as the financial manager/data analyst in the Research Management Group (RMG) since June 2005. Colleen is responsible for preparing and managing the RMG operating budget. She also provides significant support of sponsored project reporting and analysis in the School of Medicine. She routinely runs reports on sponsored project proposals, awards, and expenditures for Departments, RMG and the Dean's Office. She's also participated in the development and implementation of the SeRA system. Prior to RMG, Colleen served as an Assistant DFA in both Comparative Medicine and Molecular Pharmacology. Her contributions and dedication to the School of Medicine's mission have been outstanding.

Colleen's interests and efforts have extended far beyond her work at Stanford. Colleen completed her Bachelor of Science degree in business at Kaplan University in June, 2007. She enjoys spending time with her 16-year old son, running, and reading in her spare time. She has completed three half marathons within this past year, one of which was just in Las Vegas which had 44,000 runners.

Laura Butler (Supervisor)

Karen Johnson

Visual Art Services

Start date: 9/3/91

Classically trained as a Graphic Artist, but fully "digitized" for today's needs. You've seen her work and did not realize it -- as it should be with a good visual communicator. Her work stretches from Scientific Illustration for publication and lecture to brochure design, posters, invitations, flyers and even Visual Art Services yearly calendar! Karen is a valued part of Visual Art Services, the School of Medicine, and the University.

Jim Day (Supervisor)

Aruna Krishnan


Start date: 6/1/91

Aruna Krishnan has been an outstanding employee for more than twenty years, first as a post-doctoral fellow, then as a research associate, and eventually as a senior research scientist, all in the Feldman lab. Throughout these many years of service, she has been a major contributor to all aspects of the lab's activities and has maintained high standards of excellence. She has been a dedicated and loyal employee and her calm demeanor, warm personality, fairness and willingness to assist others in the lab have fostered a cohesive working environment and excellent camaraderie within the lab. Aruna is a superb bench scientist.

In addition, she is also an outstanding planner of experiments and analyzer of data. Furthermore, she has superb skills as a writer of both papers for publication and in preparing grants for submission. She has authored and co-authored numerous published papers as well as providing major input and support in the writing of successful grant applications. Aruna is truly indispensable, and an extremely valuable member of our lab. She has been a wonderful employee.

David Feldman (Supervisor)

Shalini Krishnaswamy

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 2/11/91

Shalini came to Stanford in 1992 with a degree in Medicine from India and a Master's in Molecular Biology in the U.S. She was hired as Life Science Research Assistant by Professor Carl Grumet, MD, Director of the Stanford Histocompatibility Laboratory. She worked for five years with his Research Associate, Dr. Debra Hiraki, PhD, on a study to demonstrate induction of tolerance to soluble HLA antigens in a mouse model. During this time, she gained knowledge of protein purification and quantification methods, cell culture and Flow cytometry methodology.

She also started acquiring knowledge of and experience in PCR methods and worked with a post-doc, Dr. Esther Behar, PhD, from Israel, on identifying polymorphisms in CD31 and their relevance in Graft vs. Host disease in Bone Marrow Transplantation. In addition, she worked with post-doc, Dr. Suelli Borelli, PhD, from Brazil on detecting the presence of soluble HLA antigens in post-transplant patients in the context of prediction of early onset of rejection. She continued on under Dr. Grumet's leadership to develop an in-house DNA-based ELISA method to type for Class II HLA antigens. She gained knowledge in DNA probe design and development of a test from genesis to implementation of the same as a viable clinical test. This test was used to type thousands of transplant patients for about 5 years.

She co-authored a publication with Dr. Grumet and her husband Dr. Krishnaswamy, PhD, who developed the software to perform analysis of the data generated from this test. In 2001, she was recruited to be the Laboratory Manager/Chief Technologist. She persevered to obtain certification as Certified Histocompatibility Specialist from the American Board of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics and then licensure by the State of California as a Clinical Histocompatibility Scientist.

She continues to serve conscientiously as a Senior Clinical Laboratory Scientist of the Stanford Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory under the directorship of Professors Dolly Tyan, PhD, and Marcelo Fernandez-Vina, PhD. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband of 28 years, her son and mom. She enjoys music and is an active member of her church and community. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is looking forward to continue serving Stanford University in the years to come.

Sheryl Pask (Supervisor)

Shirley Kwok


Start date: 5/21/91

Shirley began her affiliation with Stanford on May 21, 1991 as a Lab Assistant in the Clinical Laboratory of LPCH. In February of 2003, Shirley transitioned to the Department of Pathology at SHC where she worked in accessioning and also received training to become a licensed histotechnologist. In July of 2004, Shirley accepted a position on the University side as a Life Science Research Assistant in the Department of Pathology. Shirley's work is essential to the research of the Surgical Pathology faculty with whom she works. She is skilled in creating tissue microarrays and optimizing immunohistochemical stains, and is great at juggling the myriad of requests coming in from faculty, fellows and residents.

The quality of her work is exceptional, and her easy-going style is much appreciated. Shirley is a wonderful person to work with, and we are grateful that she has dedicated the past twenty years of her career to Stanford.

Christina Kong (Supervisor)

Margaret Mahoney


Start date: 7/1/91

"Margie" Mahoney joined the Department of Genetics in 2000, and has served as our Faculty Affairs administrator for more than 10 years. Her experience, dedication, and expertise have been invaluable to the department, particularly over the past few years as the department was undergoing major changes including a new chair and a new DFA.

In the past few years alone, Margie has played a key role in the recruitment and onboarding of our current chair, as well as one other professor, three new assistant professors and one new associate professor. Margie ensured that all of these recruitments went smoothly; coordinating everything between the department, OAA, faculty comp, finance, and the faculty member.

I can always count on Margie to get her job done, overcome obstacles, and find the best solutions to keep the recruitments on track. I never have to worry about her "dropping the ball", and she always represents the department with diplomacy and tact. She is a real team player, and often steps up to help her co-workers in areas outside of her "normal" responsibilities.

Randy Soares/Mike Snyder (Supervisors)

Kimberly McMaster


Start date: 10/2/91

Kim began her career with Stanford in 1991. This was her first "civilian" job after a six-year stint in the U.S. Army. She was an Assistant to the Events Coordinator at the Hoover Institution. Working the Hoover events offered her several unique opportunities to observe political VIPs such as George Shultz, Mikhail Gorbachev, Condoleeza Rice, Henry Kissinger and Margaret Thatcher. In late 1996, she left Hoover for a position in the ITSS Department. In May 1998, Kim joined the Department of Anesthesia as Executive Associate to the chair.

She is an asset to the department. She is very dependable and always willing to go the extra mile to get work done – even work that is not part of her regular job duties, she never says no. We are fortunate to have her as a part of our team.

Virginia Tse (Supervisor)

John Mendoza


Start date: 11/20/91

John Mendoza began his career as the Office Manager of the Cowell Student Health Center (now Vaden Health Center) back in 1986, and then became the Facilities Manager for the Stanford Alumni Association in 1989, where he was later promoted to Operations Manager. These organizations were both closely affiliated with Stanford but their staff was not officially part of Stanford University until 1991--so, despite this being his 20th Anniversary, John has actually been here more than 25 years. In 1994, John transitioned to Stanford Law School as Director of Operations, and after five years he then moved to the Department of Electrical Engineering as the Facilities Manager/Health and Safety Officer.

Today, John is a valued member of the Department of Radiology as the Facilities Manager for the Lucas Center. The Lucas Center houses a complex mix of students, faculty, staff, MRI facilities, wet and dry labs, and radiochemistry facilities including a cyclotron, a specialized classroom and a surgical suite. Overseeing all facilities for such a complicated center is extremely demanding and requires someone who is technically competent, decisive, action-oriented and dedicated. John fits this description perfectly. John's creativity, commitment, knowledge and experience make him an exceptional member of our team. You can often find him constructing specialized lab facilities or personally solving other diverse kinds of problems in the Lucas Center.

John can always be counted on to come up with creative, cost-effective and successful solutions. Indeed, his dedication is over the top. During our recent lab renovations, he has come in on many weekends and stayed well past midnight on several occasions to help with construction projects. He is a wonderfully pleasant and caring individual, who keeps cookie jars filled for our students at his own expense. We are grateful for John's devotion, and congratulate him for his 20 years of service at Stanford!

Susie Spielman and Gary Glover

Mo Munnich


Start date: 9/9/91

The year is 1991 and the U.S. is at war with Iraq. The reigning Super Bowl Champions are the New York Giants, the Minnesota Twins are baseball's World Champs, and Pete Rose has been banned from being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. First class postage was raised from 25¢ to 29¢, "Seinfeld" debuted on TV and Mo Munnich arrived at the Farm and joined the Stanford Community. For the past 20 years, she has held positions in various Central Offices, the School of Engineering, and the School of Medicine. As she has expressed "I had great opportunities to serve students, faculty and other research and finance professionals. I enjoyed working with all of them and I am proud to be a part of the teams and missions."

Bitten by the Y2K bug in 2000, Mo left Stanford to work for a nonprofit organization closer to home. While it was a great working experience she sorely missed the Stanford community. After 364 days away from Stanford, she ended her sabbatical and began her career in the School of Medicine by joining the Department of Pediatrics as Division Manager. As Mo has conveyed, "Now I understand why the other employees, who once left, came back to the Community. After all there is no place like home."

Mo joined the Fiscal Affairs, Controller's group five years ago. She exudes a very positive and supportive attitude with each endeavor she undertakes, and Mo's attention to detail surpasses all. You can rest assured with each assignment Mo assumes that no stone will ever be left unturned as she assures everything is accurate and complete. One of Mo's major accomplishments while in the Controller's group has been the automation of the clinical operations statement in the School of Medicine. She also plays an integral role for overseeing all financial transactions between the School of Medicine and other hospitals, ensuring all of the financial agreements are fulfilled.

Mo is a very loyal and dedicated employee and I am very honored and privileged to have Mo as part of our team.

Debbie Scheuch (Supervisor)

Jane Norris

Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Start date: 8/12/91

Jane Norris has excelled as a Physician Assistant and Research Coordinator for the past 20 years at Stanford. Jane's capacity to recruit patients and treat each subject with compassion and respect has become legendary in our research group. She is an example of devotion to her work and of a superb team player. Hundreds of studies have been performed and published thanks to Jane's skills and dedication

Ruth Norris


Start date: 10/15/91

Ruth Norris has been the Director of Finance and Administration in the Biochemistry Department since 2001. We are a large department, with over 250 faculty, staff, students and affiliates and an annual budget of $29M. We are very fortunate to have Ruth as our DFA. She does a terrific job of managing our finances and keeping the Department running smoothly. She is a “can-do” person that does anything and everything necessary to get the job done right and on time, and always with a quiet calm and easy smile that make her a true pleasure to work with. There are a large number of brilliant scientists and talented staff members at all different career stages in our Department, many with wonderfully quirky and interesting personalities. Ruth is the glue that holds us all together, both by her own outstanding management skills and through the terrific staff that she has assembled and manages. Not surprisingly, she is regularly called on by the School for input on best practices and for help in managing other Departments in crisis. I love working with Ruth and thoroughly appreciate all she does to make the Department not just a scientific administrative unit but a family where everyone flourishes along with the science.

In the 10 years before serving as DFA in our Department, Ruth was a research process manager in the School and Administrative Services Manager in the Department of Medicine. She is grateful for many things in the Department and at Stanford, including the Stanford tuition grant program that helped put her two wonderful sons through college.

Mark Krasnow (Supervisor)

Julie O'Neill

Research Management Group

Start date: 1/14/91

Julie has worked at RMG for almost 10 years, as both a Research Process Manager (RPM) and a Clinical Trial RPM (CT RPM). As a CT RPM, Julie enjoys reading the study protocols and learning about the work of the clinical faculty. She also relishes negotiating with industry sponsors to ensure faculty obtains the optimal funding for their clinical studies. Julie often pitches in to help the team, offering to assist other CT RPMs when they become overloaded. As an additional project, last year Julie completed the reorganization of the RMG clinical trial server that provides resources for the CT Team. Over many years, we had collected a lot of useful material, but bits and pieces were stored in a myriad of folders in a labyrinthine arrangement. Julie sorted everything out, combined information from two sources, and produced a simplified but organized set of materials that we use today.

Prior to working at RMG, Julie has worked in the offices of Facilities, SLAC, the Stanford Management Company, the University President, Project Management, and Stanford Hospital. Although she has been part of CT RMG for many years, she continues to learn and broaden her knowledge. Julie is a strong contributor to the team and we appreciate all that she brings to our group. When she is away from work, Julie enjoys travel (relaxing in Mexico on her last trip!), reading, and the pastoral environs of Morgan Hill.

Debbie Leong-Childs (Supervisor)

Maria Teresa Sanches

Structural Biology

Start date: 12/1/91

In Memory of Maria Teresa Sanches

Teresa's work directly affects the quality of the research in the lab.

Teresa has worked for the lab for 20 years. During this time, the PI was awarded: The Welsh Award, Gardiner Award and the Nobel Prize. Although her work is supportive of the lab's research her impact is extremely vital.

Barbara Davis (Supervisor)

Yan Wen

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Start date: 2/11/91

Yan Wen, MD, joined the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 20 years ago as a postdoc fellow. In her first decade of research work, she focused on studying the effect of ovarian hormones on the female reproductive system. She then used this expertise to investigate how these hormones modulate tissues in the female pelvis and how these mechanisms contribute to changes in connective tissue properties that ultimately result in female urinary incontinence. She has contributed to two NIH grants and published over 45 peer-reviewed papers during her tenure. Many of her papers are quoted as seminal papers in the area of pelvic connective tissue metabolism by current investigators. Throughout these projects, Dr. Wen has supervised and mentored numerous Stanford undergraduate and graduate students, postdoc fellows, and visiting scholars. With each, she has shown incredible patience and professionalism. For her outstanding research and mentoring work, she was promoted to Research Associate in 1991. Dr. Wen consistently fosters a supportive and nurturing environment in the laboratory as she continues to strive for excellence in research.

It is a true pleasure to have her as part of our department.

Sabrina Fong (Supervisor)

Victoria Wu

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 7/22/91

Vicki's commitment to the blood banking industry is very impressive. While Vicki has been a Stanford Blood Center nurse for 20 years, she has also simultaneously worked for another blood center in the Bay Area. Vicki's exposure to Apheresis operations in multiple blood centers has allowed her to bring best practices to our team at Stanford Blood Center.

Vicki has a can-do, never tiring attitude. Each day, she focuses on donor safety and donor recognition. Vicki is on a first name basis with many Apheresis donors and helped in setting a high standard in terms of donor care. We are looking forward to having Vicki's expertise within our team for many years to come!

Harprit Sandhu (Supervisor)