Celebrating 35 Years of Service

Marilyn Masek

Department: Pathology

Start date: 4/1/75

She represents a unique blend between the experience of someone with over 35 years of experience and the bright curiosity and drive to embrace new projects as if it were her first day on the job.

Cecele Quaintance

Department: Pediatrics

Start date: 6/16/75

She now has administrative direction and coordination responsibilities for new programs, requiring investment funding, business plans, and evaluation criteria, and works on behalf of the Hospital and the University in this regard.

Bach-Hong Tran

Department: Research Management Group

Start date: 7/1/75

She has an upbeat personality and works well with everyone, and was a nominee for the Amy Blue award in 2002.

Hendrik Vreman

Department: Pediatrics

Start date: 9/1/75

Henk embodies the ideal of a committed and creative scientist, who brings research from the "bench" to the "bedside." 

Judith Washburn

Department: Information Resources & Technology

Start date: 8/25/75

Judy has been Lane Medical Library's secret weapon for 35 years.