Celebrating 25 Years of Service

Sharon Branaman

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 10/07/85

Sharon began her career at Stanford Blood Center 25 years ago in October of 1985, just seven years after the inception of the Blood Center. Starting as the administrative assistant for the administrator at that time, she soon became the supervisor of the administrative team.  From there she took on billing, facilities, purchasing, and personnel: virtually a one-woman show. The majority of these functions now require several FTEs to provide the services needed, but Sharon was the person who initially developed all of these systems. She was the Secretary for the California Blood Bank Society in the late 1980s, as well.

As the Blood Center continued to grow, Sharon created the donor notification program, now manned by a full-time person, which is a process to inform donors of their abnormal test results and counsel them about the medical follow-up that may be needed.  In the early 1990s, Sharon participated on a team of several Northern California blood centers that developed an information technology product specifically designed for blood centers and hospital transfusion services. It is one of the main IS platforms in use today across the country and the world.

Currently Sharon is the Business Manager for the Blood Center, overseeing the purchasing and materials management department, the billing department and human resources.  Her depth and broad scope of knowledge make her an essential member of the Blood Center’s executive management team.

Karen Denny


Start date: 8/1/85

Karen Denny started her career at Stanford in 1977 working in positions in the hospital Admitting Office, as a surgery scheduler and as an administrative assistant.

After a brief hiatus, she returned to Stanford in 1985 as the Residency Coordinator in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.  In this position, Karen has had a major impact on all of those who have trained in Orthopaedic Medicine at Stanford. 

She is the first contact for medical students as they apply for their residency program and continues to be the primary contact for residents throughout their training for any and all issues until their graduation.  In doing so, she becomes more than just a coordinator, but also a workplace mother, a confidant and sometimes even a friend, keeping in contact with past trainees as they move on in their professional careers.  She is always a familiar and welcome face as they finish their advanced training and return to Stanford to continue their academic careers.

Even after 25 years of dedicated service, Karen continues to look for ways to improve in her job.  This is especially the case in her role as a supervisor, as she looks for ways to better support her staff and encourage their professional development at Stanford. 

Karen is known for her high energy, her fast talking and her ability to get things done.  She is a key member of the department and it has truly been my pleasure to work with her.

Nanci Nessel (supervisor)

Stephanie Edelman


Start date: 4/1/85

Maria Fabian


Start date: 5/20/85

Maria has been our lab manager now for many years.  She is a gem.  She runs the whole lab single-handed.  I don't know what we would do without her!

Ben Barres

Teresa Hinkle

Research Management Group

Start date: 7/8/85

Teresa Hinkle has spent 11 of her 25 years at Stanford as a Research Process Manager Associate (RPMA) in the Research Management Group (RMG).  As an RPMA, Teresa is responsible for a distinct portion of the pre- and post-award grant and contract administration activities.  She works closely with and in support of an assigned set of Research Process Managers (RPMs) to support the sponsored projects research administration process for the School of Medicine.  Her responsibilities require her to be resourceful, pay attention to detail, and clearly communicate with faculty, departmental administrators, and the Research Process Managers.  Teresa takes pride in her work and because of her dedication, expertise, and skills she has been assigned additional responsibilities in support of the RMG team.  These include acting as the liaison for the processing of industrial contract awards through the Industrial Contracts Office.  She is also responsible for ensuring the sponsored projects database; SPIDERS has been reviewed and finalized on a monthly basis. 

Teresa is an asset to the RMG and we want to recognize her for her exceptional commitment to the RMG’s mission.  However, to be successful requires strong technical abilities, a deep understanding of School of Medicine’s business processes, and great customer service, all of which she brings to her role in RMG.

Teresa’s interests extend beyond her work at Stanford.  She is the mother of a beautiful daughter who is currently attending UCSF.  She enjoys painting and spending time with family.

Amy Barelli (supervisor)

M. Brooke Hollak

Medicine/Cardiovascular Medicine

Start date: 12/1/85

Donna Jones

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 4/1/85

For as long as I and my colleagues at the Stanford Blood Center have known Donna, she has performed at an outstanding level. She is responsible for preparing manuscripts, lectures, grants and clinical and nonclinical reports generated by me and members of my research group (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists). She also assists with budgets and is our resident computer and software expert. In addition to all of this, she manages to keep track of me and organize my calendar, which are no easy tasks. Although there are other employees who might have similar job descriptions, as far as I am concerned, no one performs these tasks better than Donna. She relishes challenges and always completes her work (no matter how long it takes). She is amazingly efficient and yet almost never makes mistakes and instead catches and corrects the mistakes (grammatical, spelling and otherwise) of others, including me. She is blessed by high intelligence and good health. Perhaps most importantly, she is incredibly reliable, honest and dedicated to doing the best possible job she can. She has a calm and quiet demeanor, is extremely patient, and virtually never loses her temper or her ability to provide objective feedback. Not surprisingly, everyone who knows Donna likes and admires her, and she is always willing to help others. The Stanford Blood Center, the Department of Pathology and the members of my research laboratory have all benefited greatly from Donna’s 25 years of service, but no one is more fortunate or grateful than I am. Hopefully, she will continue to work with us for many years to come!

Edgar Engleman (supervisor)

John Reuling


Start date: 6/2/85

Judith Roberts


Start date: 4/1/85

Judy Roberts, Administrative Associate in the Department of Ophthalmology, has actually worked for Stanford (and Ophthalmology) for 32 years, beginning as assistant to Prof. David Maurice in the laboratories in 1970. She left in 1976 to raise a family, but returned permanently in 1985 and has worked closely with Dr. Michael Marmor for the past 25 years, in his retinal physiology laboratory and as his administrative associate. She worked part-time as a tech in the Eye Clinic for 6 years, and since 1997 has been the Coordinator of the annual month-long Bay Area Ophthalmology Course (formerly known as the Basic Science Course at Stanford).  She is Mommy Cat to the annual stream of U.S. and foreign students attending this summer course. Her experience, skill, tact and good heart have served the department well. Judy’s deep knowledge of everything about administering, writing, publishing and financing has made her invaluable not only to Dr. Marmor and the BAOC, but to the staff at the new Byers Eye Institute who look to her regularly for advice and inspiration.

She has been married for almost 40 years to Don, is the mother of 4 and grandmother of 7. When not working, being with family or gardening, they like to travel (Las Vegas, Yosemite and Hawaii are favorites), and bowl regularly in league and tournaments.

Michael Marmor (supervisor)

Evangelina Salazar

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Start date: 2/16/85

Evangelina (Angel) Salazar has been with Stanford for a quarter of a century.  Over the years she has grown from a billing data entry clerk to her current role as Revenue Manager of pediatric services for Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anesthesia and Radiology.  She is very dedicated to her work and it is not unusual for Angel to come in early or stay late to ensure the high-quality work she has delivered all these 25 years.  Each day she comes to work with a can-do attitude, warm smile and team spirit that is contagious.  She is a positive role model for not only her staff, but everyone she encounters.   It has been and continues to be a great pleasure to work with a woman of Angel’s caliber.

Sheila Dolezal (supervisor)

Grete Sonderstrup

Information Resources & Technology

Start date: 8/2/85

Janet Teo


Start date: 12/16/85

Janet was Dr. Fee¹s administrative associate for 17 years and could be relied upon to perform her duties with exceptional effort and professionalism. Dr. Fee could also always count on her to help others do their work without complaint and with a smile.  Everyone loves Janet for her amazing work ethic, even keel, sense of humor, and loyalty to both the department and university.

More recently, Janet has served in an administrative support role for Dr. Hwang.  Knowing that a fresh pair of eyes is often helpful in reviewing work, Janet routinely combs through Dr. Hwang's documents to ensure their quality.  When he gives her an assignment, it not only gets done pronto, but with all "Ts" crossed, all signatures in the right places, and all pages in the proper order.

Janet is also pro-active, reviewing his calendar in advance to alert him to the appointments he has on the horizon, and always making sure, when scheduling appointments, that there are no conflicts.  The two make a terrific duo. 

Janet's contributions are hardly limited to physicians.  Her co-workers comment on how organized she is, and how promptly and professionally she responds to email and phone calls.  She has also been an ambassador of goodwill to hundreds of visitors to the Department of Otolaryngology over the years.  As the coordinator for medical student education, Janet has helped many future physicians explore the world of Otolaryngology.  Janet also welcomes our many international physician scholars and other visitors to the department, quickly making people feel welcome with her warm hospitality and welcoming smile.  She is also an indispensable source of support to faculty academic affairs.  In short, she has made innumerable contributions to the department over the last 25 years and we have been lucky to have her.

Jason E. Irwin (supervisor)

Marilyn Tinsley

Information Resources & Technology

Start date: 2/16/85

Marilyn started working at Lane Medical Library in 1985, a time when the library had lines of people at the Information and Reference Desk.  Even though the library had a ribbon-cutting ceremony back in 1986 for its first online catalog, the only way researchers could conduct their own literature search was using the printed Index Medicus.  Later in the ‘80s, Marilyn attended a 3-week training session at UCLA so she could perform MEDLINE searches for our researchers, clinicians, and students.  There were very few computers and the photocopiers hummed all day long.  As a veteran Research Services Librarian, Marilyn has ushered in many changes over the years, taught hundreds of information retrieval classes, and mastered several interfaces to MEDLINE, now freely available and called PubMed.

In 1994, together with other Lane colleagues, Marilyn developed and introduced Lane’s first website.  In celebration of inaugurating the library’s first digital branch, Lane staff all wore Moving Medicine into the Future T-shirts depicting a road sign that read Lane Library with the caption: The First Stop on the Information Superhighway.

Today, we refer to that information superhighway as the web, and it is essential to delivering Lane’s digital library of knowledge.  Marilyn’s wealth of experience in providing reference and research support services for the School of Medicine is represented in the quality of the content on the Lane website.  In addition, Marilyn continues to provide solid reference and research support services both for Lane Staff and interns who work at the Lane Service Desk as well as her liaison departments.  Through an increase in requests for meta-analysis searches, Marilyn continues to develop her expertise as an accomplished literature searcher and database searching expert.  As Lane’s Librarian Liaison to Nursing, Marilyn is an active member of the research councils in the Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and supports the Evidence-based Fellows Program by providing customized search services for the fellows.  She has participated in dozens of orientations and outreach events in addition to developing and teaching continuing education courses for nurses.

Heidi Heilemann (supervisor)

Virginia Tse


Start date: 4/1/85

Deryl Wicks

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Start date: 7/10/85

Deryl Wicks has worked in the Stanford/VA Aging Clinical Research Center located at the Palo Alto VA for the last 25 years.  In her position as a Research Coordinator, she has worked with both normal and cognitively impaired older adults. Her work has been in intervention and observational studies of sleep and memory training.  Deryl, a relatively shy and retiring person, shines in working with vulnerable individuals.  She is able to make the most tentative and apprehensive people comfortable and at ease, and accessible for research participation.  Her own work is patient, careful and meticulous, and she has become expert in working with several investigational devices.

 As a member of a small research team within a larger lab, she serves as a stabilizing force —everyone knows that Deryl will help them out if they are in a pinch.  She has been extremely helpful in recruiting study participants by conducting dozens of memory screenings throughout the Bay Area.  Her outreach efforts for the entire lab exceed the requirements of her position.  Even during weekends, Deryl consistently volunteers to represent our lab at various community events, especially if there is an opportunity to reach out to under-represented populations.  Deryl keeps a low profile, yet, she makes the environment of a very busy and intense group of researchers more human and relaxed.   For years, she has been the person who buys and sends around cards to remember team members’ special personal events and she has literally kept our lab green by donating her time to tending to plants dispersed throughout the lab.  Deryl simply has made our lab a better place in which to work.

Leah Friedman, PhD