Celebrating 20 Years of Service

Donna Adelman

Medicine/Medicine Operations

Start date: 10/16/90

Maria Ambrus


Start date: 1/2/90

Maria joined the Stanford community as an employee 20 years ago in the Department of Pathology as a glassware washer supporting three research laboratories. Over the ensuing 11 years, Maria progressively acquired increased technical skills and responsibilities resulting in several promotions, to the point where she ultimately assumed oversight of the glassware facility, in addition to performing a wide array of tasks in support of faculty research in the department. In 2001, Maria joined the Cleary Lab and assumed major responsibility for maintenance of the large mouse colony central to their research program. She acquired new skills in embryo harvesting, mouse genotyping and phenotype analysis, eventually resulting in promotion to Research Assistant I. Maria is a key member of the laboratory. She is dedicated to her job, loyal to her colleagues, diligent in her work, interested in acquiring new knowledge, and committed to learning new skills. The entire laboratory depends on her contributions. Maria is a remarkably dedicated employee who views her lab mates as part of her extended family.  She is invariably the first to arrive early each morning, and cheerfully supports a wide array of trainees and staff. She has been instrumental in fostering a friendly, interactive and collaborative work environment, including remembrance and celebration of birthdays, the occasional birth or marriage, and holidays, when she treats all to her delicious homemade cookies. Her caring nature, dedication, and work ethic have defined the spirit of the Cleary Lab and played a major role in its scientific achievements.

Michael Cleary (supervisor)


Cynthia Boone

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 2/18/90

Cindy has been an Apheresis Nurse at the Stanford Blood Center for twenty years. She has learned all of the technical aspects of blood donation, and automation. She has enjoyed her time helping donors give platelets, red cells, plasma and whole blood. When Cindy started at the blood center there was only one building, a few nurses and medical assistants. She has seen it grow to 3 centers with over 300 employees. Cindy has contributed to the blood center in so many ways. Her many tasks and responsibilities over the years have evolved and changed. She is greatly respected by her peers for her wealth of knowledge and experience. 

In her spare time, Cindy likes to go boating with her kids and her sweet dog, Luna. She also stops by her favorite donut shop every morning for coffee where she talks, and jokes with a special group of guys that she has known for many years. Cindy loves to laugh and joke. She enjoys the many years she has worked at Stanford, and hopes to have many more years at the Stanford Blood Center.

Jo Ann Wilson (supervisor)

JoAnn Buchanan

Molecular and Cellular Physiology

Start date: 4/16/90

A native New Yawker, JoAnn left her east coast roots 20 years ago to join the newly created Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology as a member of Stephen Smith's lab.  As an experienced electron microscopist, she has collaborated productively with a large number of Stanford investigators over the years, resulting in co-authorship on 19 papers.  An engaging teacher who has been known to use a rubber chicken to illustrate key points, JoAnn has taught in the summer Neurobiology Course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA, for 15 years.  JoAnn pioneered the use of microwave processing to prepare biological samples for EM, citing the need for working mothers to be efficient in the lab as well as at home. A witty and gregarious member of the department, JoAnn loves to share the beauty of cell structure with students and postdocs; a selection of some of her beautiful images, from sea slugs to fireflies to the brain, can be seen at http://www.stanford.edu/~redhair/JoAnn_Buchanan/Welcome.html. The MCP Department and Stanford Medical School are very fortunate to have this accomplished EM expert in their midst, especially when it comes in the form of such a generous and interactive scientist as JoAnn Buchanan. 

Richard Lewis (supervisor)

Laura Butler

Research Management Group

Start date: 4/9/90

Laura Butler has spent her entire 20-year career in the School of Medicine at Stanford. She started as an Administrator in several of the Clinics before moving to the Department of Medicine as the Associate Business Manager.  She then spent approximately 5 years as the Director of Finance and Administration for the Department of Molecular Pharmacology. The faculty in Molecular Pharmacology still remembers Laura for her hard work, dedication, and professionalism. Dr. Helen Blau, The Donald E. and Delia B. Baxter Foundation Professor and Director, Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology remembers "… when I was Chair we were selected to be audited.  The review came back as the 'best audit at Stanford.'  It was a horrible nuisance and burden, but the result made me very, very proud of having hired Laura. She was so good at her job. She was also very creative and thoughtful in how she allocated items on budgets, very organized, and extremely good with people. The office was quite large then and everyone loved her. She knew how to make people feel good." When asked about his memories of working with Laura, Dr. Garry Nolan, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology in the Baxter Labs stated, "I would say without doubt that Laura was THE most professional and forthcoming, and truly wonderful, administrator I have ever worked with. Ever. She was unfailingly creative, helpful to the extreme, always there when you needed her, and nothing short of the ideal kind of individual with whom you would be honored to work. I hold her as the example in my mind when I think of who I would want to work with when it came to Stanford administrative duties—a marvelous person at every level you can consider."

Laura joined the Research Management Group in 2004 as a Research Process Manager (RPM). She excelled as an RPM and advanced to Certification Level 2 in a record short amount of time. She then took a position in the newly formed Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Institute where she helped to build the administrative structure from the ground up. We were lucky enough to convince Laura to rejoin the Research Management Group in 2008 as the Manager of Finance and Administration. Laura manages the finances and all the human resource issues for our team of 50 staff. Her level-headed approach, expert guidance, and can-do attitude has been a huge contribution to the success of RMG. 

Outside of work, Laura enjoys spending time with family.  She will become a Grandma for the first time next fall.

Kathleen Thompson (supervisor)

Patricia Cain

Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Start date: 9/18/90

For the past 20 years, Pat has worked with the Stanford AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU) as a Research Nurse. Over this time, HIV/AIDS has been transformed from a nearly universally fatal illness to one in which many are now living near-normal life spans, and Pat has played an important part in this medical revolution. In her role as a research nurse, Pat is responsible for recruiting, enrolling and following HIV-infected patients in Clinical Trials. Many of these trials were pivotal in the development of life saving drugs. She has had national level responsibilities within the NIH sponsored AIDS Clinical Trials Group as a member of multiple protocol teams. Pat's attention to detail and professionalism led to her being named Chair of the Field Representative Committee for two years for the ACTG. The Field Representative on ACTG protocols is both a patient advocate and a voice of the site clinicians in the protocol development process. Within the Stanford ACTU, Pat has been involved in almost every stage of protocol development for our investigator-initiated protocols from development of the protocol, constructing the case report forms, data entry and developing QA tools. Pat has been a strong patient advocate in studies always ensuring -- to the extent possible -- that the patient's needs are put first in research studies. All who work with her are proud of her accomplishments and are happy to have her on our team. As stated by Dr. Zolopa, the Principal Investigator for the Stanford ACTU, "Pat upholds the highest standards of her nursing profession; in her quietly effective manner she has always balanced the human needs of patients with the scientific needs of rigorous clinical trials. I can always depend on Pat to get the job done right!"

Deborah Slamowitz (supervisor)

Judith Cain

Academic Affairs

Start date: 2/20/90

Judith Cain came to Stanford in February 1990 from the University of New Orleans, where she had been the Assistant to the Chancellor, as the Assistant to the Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences. Over the course of her tenure in H&S, she also held the positions of Assistant to the Dean and Senior Advisor to the Dean. Serving four deans and at least a dozen associate deans in H&S, Judith was appreciated for her thoughtful advice about processes for making important decisions, for respecting the centrality of the faculty, and for valuing the capability of departmental leadership. She mentored the School's faculty affairs staff and supported the work of the School's Appointments and Promotions Committee. She also supported the activities of the Humanities and Sciences Council, an outside advisory group comprised of leaders from the business, civic, arts and academic communities convened by the Dean to offer advice to the academic deans on undergraduate education, strategic planning, financial management and development priorities. In 1998, Judith played a major role in planning and executing the School's celebration of its 50th anniversary.

In addition to her many administrative contributions, Judith is locally famous for creating a series of videos commemorating the service of the H&S deans and associate deans. The videos included cameo appearances from a number of famous persons who responded to Judith's invitation, including actors John Lithgow, Pat Boone, Harvey Korman and Richard Dreyfuss, athlete Jim Plunkett, and local news anchor Suzanne Shaw (although, sadly, not Arlo Guthrie, beloved by one dean).  Many Stanford colleagues contributed to the humorous skits -- including, in some instances, musical performances as well as speaking roles.

In March 2006 Judith joined the School of Medicine as Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. In this capacity she continues to manifest a deep commitment to people and the institution and to maintain connections across the university. The Dean and Vice Dean of the School of Medicine are among the current beneficiaries of Judith's managerial strengths, analytical skills, her penchant for asking questions and seeking different viewpoints, active listening skills and her commonsensical advice. She brought to the School a new perspective on processes and customs, restructuring the Office of Academic Affairs and the way that it conducts business. Judith has substantially revised the School of Medicine Faculty Handbook, supported the development of new faculty data systems that provide transparency of information to departments, and established regular communication channels with the departments. She encourages departmental management and accountability, conceives of and organizes informational events for the faculty, and she is the major force behind the School of Medicine's annual statistical reports on faculty and recommendations for change. All of Judith's contributions reflect a vision based on her experience and managerial expertise -- and always with a respectful, considerate and generous spirit.

David Stevenson (supervisor)


Myrna Canizares


Start date: 1/16/90

Myrna Canizares joined the Epilepsy Research Laboratory staff in the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences in January 1990.  Over the ensuing years, as administrator, she has made outstanding contributions to our research and training programs. In addition to being involved in successful  preparation of countless grant and fellowship applications, budget management,  arranging for a multitude of visits by outside faculty and prospective trainees,  she is the "go to" person for virtually all questions by about the workings of the laboratory: "How do I—", "When should we---", "How much did this__", "Who's coming---", "When did I---", "Can we---"etc.  Myrna more than supports all of our efforts, while (almost) always remaining calm, efficient and in good humor. She is, in short, a delight. All of us feel very fortunate to have her in our midst.

David Prince (supervisor)

Michelle Chow

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 2/20/90

Michelle practically grew up at Stanford Blood Center. She started at the blood center early in her professional career. She was recognized as a natural leader, and transitioned to be PM lead in the testing lab. Because she wanted to focus on her family, she transferred from the testing lab position to a morning position in Components and Distribution, and we are very grateful that she had done that.

In her position, she has been involved in mentoring new staff, validating new processes and suggesting new ways to streamline processes better. Michelle is well known for her accuracy in her work. She makes one small clerical mistake per year. How many of you can claim that? She is calm and efficient under stress. She is a wonderful person to work alongside with.

Michelle also has a fantastic husband and two brilliant kids. Staff at the blood center have been overjoyed and honored to have been a part of Michelle's life. We celebrated her bridal shower and baby showers at the blood center. We are constantly amazed how such a young-looking, petite mom can have such big kids!

We are honored and delighted to have enjoyed Michelle's company and her knowledge all these years.

Diane Geary (supervisor)

Pauline Chu

Comparative Medicine

Start date: 3/12/90

Since 2002, Pauline Chu has been the Veterinary Service Center's main provider of routine and special histological services. She is an expert histological technician, a team player, and she runs a highly productive, organized and efficient histology lab. A gifted multi-tasker, Pauline spends enormous time one-on-one, consulting, training, advising post-doctoral fellows, lab managers and researchers regarding their histological experiments. During her tenure at Stanford, she also managed the Neurohistology lab in the Department of Pathology. The service Pauline has provided to Stanford researchers over these last 20 years is exemplary---and very much appreciated.

Sherril Green (supervisor)

Nicolette Chun


Start date: 2/5/90

Nicki Chun has spent the majority of her career at Stanford as a genetic counselor, and is well-known and treasured by her colleagues, patients and trainees.  She first joined the Division of Medical Genetics in the Department of Pediatrics, and then became the founding genetics counselor for the nascent Clinical Cancer Genetics program in the Division of Oncology/Medicine in 2000.  Over the past decade, Nicki has supervised this program and shepherded its growth into a successful and busy clinic that includes a number of genetic counselors, physician-attendings, and trainees from all parts of the medical center.  She has been central to the clinical, research and educational missions of the program.  She regularly participates in outreach efforts to the community and is an enormous resource for the Cancer Center.  Nicki is a nationally recognized expert in clinical cancer genetics and has made a major impact in identifying families with a hereditary susceptibility to cancer and providing effective approaches to their screening and prevention strategies.

James Ford (supervisor)


Sara Clark

Medicine/Blood & Marrow Transplant

Start date: 9/12/90

Sara is a gem. As a Division Chief, it is critical that I work with people that I can trust and those I can call upon to do the extra things well in a timely fashion when I need it most. Sara is just that person. We have worked together for more than 15 years and she is absolutely trusted and dependable. I don't know what I would do without her. She is always cheerful, helpful and goes above and beyond expectations. When grants are near, she works all times of the day as well as weekends helping to bring together projects and people. She reliably points out inconsistencies and errors in things that I write and helps me keep on task and be as productive as I can be. I am lucky to have someone so helpful.  - Robert Negrin (BMT Division Chief)

Sara is an exemplary Administrative Associate in the Division of Blood & Marrow Transplant.  Although I have only had the opportunity to work with Sara a short time, I must say that Sara is one of the finest individuals I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  Sara helped enormously with my transition as Division Manager and continues to do so.  She is kind and gracious, a real team player, and has exceptional organizational skills.  She keeps many administrative processes moving along, anticipates potential bottle necks and provides solutions.  I feel very fortunate to be working with her.

Margaret Lindberg (supervisor)

Regina Clarke-Katzenberg


Start date: 8/20/90

Regina Katzenberg has been with Stanford University Medical Center for twenty years.  She has served in a variety of positions over that time period. Specifically, she has been the lab manager for the Hofmann lab as well as having oversight over the Radiology Lucas expansion wet labs.  Regina is a dedicated Stanford employee.   She is always available at night and on weekends and responds to emails.  She is extremely diligent and detail-oriented.  When you ask Regina to get projects done you only need to ask her once and she gets it done with a great amount of expertise.  She has been instrumental in moving the Hofmann lab forward in minimally-invasive image guided cancer therapies.   She always starts the day with a smile.   Regina continues to make daily contributions to the field of scientific research.   We are very fortunate to have Regina here at Stanford and look forward to many more productive research years ahead. 

Lawrence V. Hofmann, M.D. (supervisor)


Donna Cronister


Start date: 2/20/90

The Radiological Sciences Lab was about a month old and had exactly 2 members when Donna joined in Feb. 1990.  Before hiring her, I called her former employer, an executive at Xerox, and among the many other things we discussed about her that I've forgotten, he said 2 things that have endured in my mind:  1.  She is incredible;  2.  You'll never regret hiring her.  Of course, it turned out he was absolutely right!

As the campus report article announcing Donna as the winner of the O'Neill award in 2007 said, Donna has been Mom to hundreds of students, postdocs, scientific and administrative staff, research assistants and faculty in the RSL over these past (now 21) years.  With nearly 100 members of the lab, that responsibility alone would be enough work for any mortal person!  She is the one to whom a new student comes when they enter, and she is often the last when they leave 4-5 years later!  She arranges our Asilomar retreats, CME courses and receives shipments of gradient amplifiers, and on and on.  But Donna has many more responsibilities than just the RSL because she is also the administrative services director for the Lucas Center, a busy $1.5 million/year business with hundreds of trans-campus users.  As such she deals with a thousand details on a daily basis with calm and cheerful skill, small things like someone who calls from the front lobby to have a scan, or a new user who needs an access card, or to large things like budgeting and strategic planning for the Center and the Lab.  The remarkable thing is in the midst of all this, Donna is ALWAYS pleasant and anxious to please.

If that isn't enough, Donna is an important resource for the rest of the department, and is helpful to many others in their mission of support for radiology research and clinical care.

For many years, Donna's office was close to but not immediately adjacent to mine, upstairs in Lucas. I thought I had a reasonable appreciation of how busy she was. However, having now sat immediately adjacent to her office for several years, I've gained even more fully an appreciation of the intense pressure of activity that she handles virtually every minute of the day.  I decided to try to count her daily interactions with people, phones, etc. last Friday and lost count at about 25, and that was about eleven AM.

The O'Neill Award is given (quote) "For Exceptional and Enduring Support of Stanford University's Research Mission" (end quote).  Both adjectives fall far short of describing Donna's contributions to our lab and to the hundreds of people around the campus who count on her in their research and personal lives. Looking around the room, there is not a person here who hasn't been touched in ways small or huge by Donna's gentle, giving, intelligent and happy persona.

People that know me have heard me say that my life here wouldn't be worth living without Donna, and they know I mean that sincerely.

Georgene Doglietto


Start date: 6/25/90

You have enriched Stanford deeply, and I'm honored to speak humbly for the community of thousands of past and present imaging researchers whose lives have intersected with yours and been the better for it.  So, a warm and very deeply felt Thank You for your truly Exceptional and Enduring Service to all of us!

Gary Glover (supervisor)

For 20 years Georgie has been the Office Manager for Central Administration in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.  As such, she is the face and the voice of this group.  She is usually the first person that visitors and new employees meet when they arrive in Central Administration and the voice on the other end of the phone when individuals call the Department.  She never fails to create a good first impression as she provides consistently pleasant greetings and is a wealth of Departmental information.  Georgie has been responsible for event planning, and conference room scheduling.  She is also the departmental expert in the areas of purchasing and reimbursement and has trained numerous administrators in these areas.  Georgie's devotion to her work and coworkers in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is evident each day; she is a great source of helpful information, a great listener and treats visitors and colleagues with respect and kindness.

Brad Cherry (supervisor)

Sheila Dolezal

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Start date: 1/31/90

Sheila began her career with Stanford University School of Medicine in 1990.  Her roles have included Operations Manager, Revenue Manager and Assistant Director of Finance & Administration for the department of Radiology.   In 2001, she advanced to her present position as the Director of Finance & Administration of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Sheila has been essential to the effective management of the department and works closely with chair of obstetrics and gynecology to sustain the financial viability of the programs.  She genuinely cares about assisting in the advancement of the department and is a respected member of the executive team.

Jonathan Berek

George Duran


Start date: 7/16/90

George Duran has been an outstanding employee for more than twenty years, both as a life science research assistant and as my laboratory manager. He is a superb bench scientist, and has authored several papers as well as successful grant applications. He has had many oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings. He manages the budget of the laboratory, trains new students, personnel, and makes everything work smoothly. He is truly indispensable, and an extremely valuable member of the Stanford community.

Branimir Sikic (supervisor)

Sara Fisher

Microbiology & Immunology

Start date: 2/1/90

We are thrilled to recognize Sara Fisher's 20 years of service to the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and to Stanford.  We cannot say enough about how lucky we are to have Sara be a part of our department.  To help us, we asked her past faculty member supervisor, and distinguished professor emeritus, Stan Falkow, to reflect on her work here:

Sara had her own business providing editorial services that a number of Stanford faculty used. In 1990, she answered an advertisement I had posted looking for an editorial assistant. I didn't really require a Secretary but at the time and through my career at Stanford we published about 15-20 articles every year. Moreover, I was an editor on a multi-volume reference work and served on the editorial board of about 6 journals. Finally, I was writing grants -- almost constantly it seemed. Sara applied for the position and it was immediately clear that she was the most qualified person. I interviewed her and after only a short talk I told her I wanted to offer her the job. She said, "Aren't you going to ask me any questions?" I replied, "Where do you stand on profanity?"   She said it was alright if not carried to an extreme.  I had the good sense not to ask what an "extreme" was.  And, so we began to work together and did so until 2009.

From the outset, Sara's help had a positive impact. I began to get comments from editors where my papers were submitted saying the papers were well-written and required little or no editing. Study sections noted how well the grants read. I was suddenly complimented on the clarity of my correspondence.  My writing skills had not changed. Rather, Sara brought her skill as an editor to the organization, and clarity of my writing. Of course, Sara also began to be sought out by students who were writing their thesis and their research papers and she willingly accommodated them, often in her 'spare time'.  There was a departmental shortage affecting grant management in the early 90's and Sara took a few courses and suddenly began to help manage my grants.

Aside from her professional skills, perhaps Sara's greatest attribute is her gentleness, her capacity to listen, her compassion for others and her common sense. I understood very soon after she began to work with me (note with me, never for me) that anything I might pen which concerned a sensitive matter had to be vetted by Sara. I sought her advice in many matters and she provided objective, wise counsel. She had the courage to tell me if I was wrong as I was too often. Most of all, she became the confidante, the big sister and simply the friend of my students and colleagues over the 19 years we worked together.

Many of these friendships have continued and deepened over the years and encompasses many individuals all over the world. She is admired and loved by them.

After I retired it seems fitting that Sara has taken on the duties of working with the youngest members of our faculty. She brings to them her long experience and expertise as an editor and as a guide through the tortuous alleys that make up Stanford's administrative system of highways and by-ways. She brings to them the same gentleness and counsel that I was so fortunate to know.

I still see Sara and we communicate almost every day. She is still my wise friend. A university is only as good as the people who work there and it is especially only as good as its students because they are the life of the institution. They bring the change, the vitality and the creativity that makes Stanford among the great institutions of higher learning in the world.  However, it is also the support staff who provide the essential underpinnings for those that administer the university and who study here. Sara's brings her intelligence, her responsible attitude and her ethical nature to the work place. Stanford is fortunate, as have I and my students been, to have someone of her caliber to be our main university resource.

Anne Gordon & Mayumi Beppu (supervisors)

Todd Galitz

Developmental Biology

Start date: 11/19/90

In 1990, the Department of Developmental Biology at Stanford was created, the same year that Todd Galitz began his work as the Department's first "Laboratory Services Coordinator."  This was a new position in a new department created to build a departmental stockroom.  The stockroom originally contained common lab supplies used by researchers, but eventually its role was expanded to include innovative products and services, such as an enzyme dispenser, and also to include cost-saving programs with vendors by buying in quantity. Todd had a major role in its creation and its success.  It is still in operation now and even a focal point for visitors to the Department.

Promoted to Lab Manager after just a few years, Todd today supports desktop IT support, is the go-to-person for equipment repair, has developed programming skills in support of computers tied to microscopes, serves as our health and safety contact, property administrator, space administrator and has a major role in department morale building.

Todd Galitz always goes the extra mile for the Department.  He will run out to the store to pick up a memory chip or the odd connector in order to facilitate research or education, he is a role model for everyone in the Department, arriving early and leaving late and is always cheerful in the most difficult circumstances.

On a personal note, I have been Todd Galitz's supervisor for only five of his twenty years but I value him as a key member of the staff and trust his sound advice regarding changes in policies and their potential impact to the Department.  He is a terrific colleague and a very loyal Stanford employee.

Eleanor Conway Antonakos (supervisor)

Bill Gillespie


Start date: 9/24/90

The Dept. of Pediatrics has been through numerous changes, but one important constant has been Bill in his IT role.  Bill has bridged the gap between previous and current administrations.  Bill was a one-man show for the Dept. for many years with employees located throughout the medical campus. Bill's intimate knowledge of the Department's IT functions has been invaluable to the Department. 

In addition to Bill's job at Stanford, he works for the ski patrol at Bear Mountain. He always displays great enthusiasm and willingness to help. He was first a volunteer then joined the Pros around 7 years ago as dispatcher & helping in the first aid room.  A couple years ago Bill got certified to drive the Big People Mover Cat and has now recently completed his training so he can start throwing bombs for Avalanche control.  Finally, no surprises here, he has always taken care of all of their computer needs.  All in all, it has always been a win-win relationship with Bill. 

Mary Corcoran (supervisor)

Judith Kmetko

IRT/Lane Library

Start date: 5/7/90

With the exception of a minor tour of duty in the Department of Pathology, Judy Kmetko has been at Lane Medical Library for 20 years.  She has filled a variety of administrative roles and provided budget and finance support to four library directors during her tenure.  Over this 20-year career at Stanford, Judy has mastered several generations of Stanford administrative systems and served as a go-to person for facilities, human resources, budget, and more.  She has developed strong ties with colleagues across the university and coordinated a number of complex projects at Lane including:  pay to print and annual inventories of capital equipment.  Her expertise is invaluable regarding financial approvals, budget tracking, revenue processing, and data collection for annual statistics and reports.

Heidi Heilemann (supervisor)

Paul Kunst

Developmental Biology

Start date: 5/7/90

The lifeblood of a department is the quality of the people who work in it, that is why one of the best things that ever happened to Developmental Biology is that Paul came to work here just as the department opened in the spring of 1990.  Beginning first as a worker in the media facility, and later as the supervisor, we have come to rely on Paul as the calm center of the storm that has provided quality workmanship and guidance through these last 20 years.  The hundreds of graduate students and post-docs who have passed through our department remember Paul as the helpful hand who always seemed to have just what they needed at the most important time.  What they did not see was the hard work and dedication that Paul put into his job each and every day.  His calm and smiling presence belied the hard work that was required to do what he has done--make the job look easy when it is not.  So many people have commented when they come back to visit that they wish the institution they are now in had a "Paul" to take care of them.  Whether it is helping his people with their problems or talking about the Giants and 49ers, Paul has contributed so much to the culture of our department that we could never repay him.  Paul is simply the best!

Todd Galitz (supervisor)

Christine Kurihara

SOM/MDRP/Biodesign Program

Start date: 7/16/90

Christine has been with Biodesign from its early days and is clearly a big part of the "heart and soul" of the program.  We have relied on her clear thinking and good judgment in building our educational and technology translation efforts.  As Manager of Special Programs, she has a central role in the design and launch of new initiatives.   Over the last 5 years, this has meant a particular focus on our new global programs based in Delhi and Singapore.   Christine has been so critically important in developing these two new programs that we recently appointed her as Associate Director for Global Biodesign.  In this capacity, she has both a strategic and a managing role -- dealing with the highly complex issues of planning and implementation in an international setting. 

Christine also directs web activities for Biodesign, including the ebiodesign.org website.  This is a robust information resource in medtech that includes over 15,000 indexed links as part of a systematic curriculum in biomedical technology innovation.  This website has become a major teaching resource for university and corporate programs.

Christine's deep knowledge of the university and its various communities has been an invaluable resource for us in Biodesign.  She is a kind-hearted and effective advocate for the fellows and students in our program -- and a delightful and trusted colleague. 

Paul Yock (supervisor)

Xiaoyan Lin


Start date: 10/15/90

Xiaoyan came to Stanford in 1990 from New York University and joined the Sleep laboratory in the Department of Psychiatry.  A first-rate molecular biologist, Xiaoyan was central to the HLA typing studies that led to the discovery of the genetic basis of narcolepsy.  In 2001, I was lucky to attract her to my laboratory.  She immediately had a huge impact, and life in the lab was never the same again. With nearly unlimited energy, she organized the day-to-day running of the laboratory.  From the most trivial to the most complex – Xiaoyan was always there.  She has been instrumental in setting up, running, and supervising projects on autism, bipolar disorder, Turner syndrome, Fragile X and others.  Xiaoyan is not only an excellent molecular biologist, but is also very skilled as a teacher. Her instructions are very clear and to the point. She trained successfully students, visitors to the lab, as well as lab technicians. Xiaoyan is a joy to work with and her enthusiasm is contagious - so is her endless supply of goodies. I am looking forward to the next twenty years working with her. 

Joachim Hallmayer (supervisor)

Rosalina Lopez-Tecson

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 3/12/90

Chiqui is the Mobile Operations Manager at Stanford Blood Center.  Each day, she brings a flexible, teamwork-oriented and "can-do" approach; one that is much appreciated by her colleagues at the blood center.  Over the last 20 years, Chiqui has formed excellent relationships with co-workers within the blood center, as well as with members of our local community who support and host blood drives.  Customer service is of utmost importance to Chiqui; she ensures that the Stanford name is well represented!

Harpreet Sandhu (supervisor)

Lawanda Mills


Start date: 8/13/90

It is a distinct pleasure to be writing on behalf of Ms. LaWanda (Wanda) Mills, who is to receive recognition for 20 years of service to Stanford University. I have worked directly with LaWanda over the past 5 years as her colleague and supervisor in the Training Program in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. I have first-hand exposure to her relational style and administrative talents, and base my comments on these experiences.

Ms. Mills is the Training Coordinator for 4 different programs in our Division, including the Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, the Post-doctoral Training Program for Psychologists, and the Pre-doctoral (Intern) program for Psychology Trainees. She also is the administrator for the Klingenstein Medical Student Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. When I read about the 20-year Service Recognition Award, I knew it was the perfect way to recognize the expertise of someone with so many strengths, both intangible and indispensable.

First, allow me to write a few words about what makes her so special. In summary, Wanda just gets it. She's the sort of colleague anyone would want on their team. People learn by just watching her, or by simply spending a few minutes in her office listening to her interact with faculty, students, or prospective applicants on the phone. She is warm, pleasant, enthusiastic, energetic and professional. She has a great sense of humor, and isn't afraid to laugh at herself. The following is a summary of her most valuable attributes.

Dedication to accomplishment: 
Soon after starting here, it was clear that she was full of ideas about how to make things work better.  She had some pretty large shoes to fill, following the departure of the previous training coordinator. Wanda jumped right in, and quickly and astutely reorganized the recruitment and interview schedules (becoming the queen bee of Excel spreadsheets!), and was able to mobilize our busiest faculty to commit to a regular interviewing schedule. The last two years of our Match in all three training programs have been the most successful in the Division's 55-year history. Our recruited trainees all tell us that their first impression of us was a slam dunk because of starting the interview day off with a welcome and orientation with Wanda, as well as with a closing meeting at the end of the day.

Commitment to people & Work ethic
Wanda has repeatedly demonstrated her abilities in involving and supporting others. Crucial in her role as training coordinator is the ability to function not only as chief organizer, but also as confidant and den mother. She wears these multiple hats with ease, assurance and humility. Her innate esprit de corps invites faculty, staff, trainees and students alike to her office for a kind word or sympathetic ear. On a recent interview, one of the applicants remarked,

"Among Residency and Fellowship interviews, I don't think I've ever had such a warm welcome and organized experience as I did today during my Stanford interview day. Wanda was amazing in her attention to detail. From start to finish, guiding me through the day, and pointing out the Program's and Stanford Campus' strengths--I felt so welcome, and so well taken care of. Thank you!"

Positivity and Initiative-taker: 
These words are the ones most often associated with the mention of her name. 
She manages to infuse a positive spin into the mundane details of everyday work, and is always striving for newer, better, and more efficient ways of running the training programs.

On a personal note, I have found Wanda to be a truly indispensable part of this Division. In 2009, Wanda was the recipient of the Marilyn Scott Award for Administrative Excellence in The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. She is the shining star and ambassador for our Training Programs and, I believe, well represents all that a 20-year Service Award is designed to highlight. Thanks for your thoughtful recognition of her outstanding efforts.

Shashank V. Joshi, MD, FAAP (supervisor)

Jonathan Mulholland

Center for Molecular & Genetic Medicine

Start date: 8/1/90

Shailja Patel


Start date: 1/16/90

Shailja Patel has been a vital part of the Kraemer lab from the time she started in 1990.  Throughout this time, she has been one of the important constants within the lab, being responsible for lab management, lab safety, training personnel, as well as conducting experiments.  She has been a dedicated and loyal employee.  Shailja has maintained high standards and demonstrated excellent organizational skills that have enabled her to ensure that the lab continues to function on a day-to-day basis and that we are in compliance with ever increasing regulatory requirements.  Her most important role has probably been orienting and training students and postdoctoral fellows in the lab, where her calm demeanor and warm personality have made new trainees comfortable and fostered a cohesive, working environment within the lab.  Her research skills have also been most appreciated, as her attention to experimental detail and mouse breeding proficiencies have contributed to our research projects.  In every way, she has been a terrific asset to the lab.

Fredric Kraemer (supervisor)

Robert Pesich


Start date: 10/8/90

Dorothy Reed

Pathology/Blood Center

Start date: 9/4/90

Mark Riesenberger


Start date: 1/1/90

A 20-year Air Force veteran, Mark hails from Belleville, Illinois. He started as a temp in Radiology, working as an Administrative Associate. He was hired full-time in 1990 as a Graphic Artist. In 1996, he was reclassified into IT but still helps with presentations and photography. He serves as organist for a local church and is an accomplished guitarist.

John Reuling (supervisor)

Florence "Lanzie" Rivera


Start date: 4/19/90

I was asked to submit a quick synopsis of my thoughts regarding Florence "Lanzie" Rivera. This is a very easy task for me. How to describe her?

L is for Lovable
A is for Awesome or Amiable (take your pick, I think both!)
N is for Nice
Z is for Zealous
I is for intelligent
E is for Efficient.

I will not forget August 29, 1994, because that is when Lanzie joined the Radiology family. From her first day, she got "it". She is a true asset to Stanford University and our Department.  Lanzie brings real dedication to her position. She came to us from Comparative Medicine and already had a great background and knowledge of what she needed to do in her new job. Lanzie was recommended as "simply the best" by our department's veterinary nurse who had worked with her at Comparative Medicine.   Lanzie has lived up to that remark and has surpassed it many times over.

I consider Lanzie a supreme coworker and a dear friend. She is "simply the best."

Donna Cronister

Agustin Sanchez

Center for Molecular & Genetic Medicine

Start date: 4/9/90

Agustin Sanchez joined the Protein and Nucleic Acid (PAN) facility at the Stanford University School of Medicine's Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine, on April 1, 1990, after completing his postdoctoral work at SRI International. When his Protein Chemist position was originally established in 1990, the primary responsibility was to support solid phase peptide synthesis. Since then Agustin's responsibilities have increased significantly. He has been instrumental in implementing new technologies into PAN's services thereby contributing to the advancement of several research projects in different key areas within and beyond the Stanford scientific community.

Agustin played a major role in implementing mass spectrometry (MS) technology in the PAN facility. Establishing state-of-the art of MS technology within the PAN facility in 1995 required unique scientific skills and focused training. Since then, the MS technology has become the primary tool for rapid and sensitive protein identification and quantitation, and thereby contributed significantly to the services that the PAN facility is able to offer the Stanford research community. Agustin established the protocols and quality control criteria for the synthetic peptide products that are made. Investigators, both within and outside the Stanford scientific community, seek him out for his expertise in organic and peptide synthetic chemistry to provide guidance on protein analysis or mass spectrometry methods. Also, using this expertise, he has been successful in the synthesis and purification of unique peptides when other researchers had failed, and thereby been able to provide valuable reagents to allow researchers to successfully conduct their research. He has co-authored and contributed to several publications in various peer reviewed professional and technical journals.

Agustin exhibits a high level of dedication to his work and his approach to scientific problem solving as creative yet practical. By drawing upon his knowledge and experience, I have also found Agustin's proposals and regular contributions of constructive advice to projects not under his direction as very insightful and valuable. Agustin is a real pleasure to work with and we are very fortunate to have him in the lab.

We congratulate Agustin on his 20 years of service!

Michael Eckart (supervisor)

Louise Stroschein

Medicine/Stanford Prevention Research Center

Start date: 12/10/90

As Human Resources Manager, Louise has been an integral member of the staff at the Stanford Prevention Research Center for 11 years.  In recent years, she has also been providing HR support to the Dean's Office and the Center for Biomedical Informatics Research.  Before joining SPRC, Louise worked at the VA, Pediatrics and Oncology.

Louise is committed to supporting the research and operational enterprises of all her clients. She is an advocate for staff while also complying with laws and policies that governs HR work, and can be relied upon to craft a thorough job description, identify the strongest candidate for a position, negotiate a salary offer, coach staff throughout their employment and effectively work with those leaving their positions.  

Louise is a valuable a member of her local work units and of the entire School community.  She is both respected and appreciated for her 20 years of professional service.

Chris Scholberg (supervisor)

Kathryn Thompson


Start date: 7/20/90

Kathy joined the Department of Urology in 1991 as the Administrative Assistant to Dr. Thomas A. Stamey, Chair of the Department of Urology.  She came with strong experience from association with a famous University of Minnesota transplant surgeon and Chair, Dr. John Najarian.  During the past 20 years, she has performed almost all the different administrative jobs within the department.  She has worked as administrative assistant to 2 Chairs, Faculty Affairs Coordinator, Medical Staff Coordinator, Residency and Fellowship Administrative Coordinator, Communications Assistant, and "keeper of the keys."  With her steadfast work, she has shown extreme loyalty and care for urology.  Except for her accident, Kathy has rarely missed a day at work and can always be counted on to be present and working when needed.  When it comes to remembering or trying to find a piece of historic information from the past 20 years, Kathy can always find it.  We were both trained under the mantra "never throw things away that might be needed later."  She is an important cog that makes the wheel run.  The Department and I appreciate Kathy's dedication and conscientious work over these 20 years.

Shahla Haider  (supervisor)

Martha Tingle


Start date: 9/28/90

Martha Tingle began her career at Stanford Hospital and Clinics as a staff nurse for labor and delivery. During her years in labor and delivery, she has progressed to staff nurse IV, served on many committees, worked as an acting nurse manager of the Obstetric Clinic, and became part of the Perinatal Diagnostic Center. Martha was widely respected as an effective team builder and for her ability to deal empathically with patients while proving excellent clinical care.

Martha then developed a sincere interest in clinical research and became the project manager for several large-scale studies focusing on perioperative pain management. Intrigued by the research process, Martha accepted a position in the Department of Anesthesia as a full-time research nurse coordinator. She managed large industry-sponsored clinical trials in close collaboration with Drs. Riley and Drover and became a core member of the Human Pain Laboratory established and directed by Dr. Angst. Martha has developed invaluable institutional knowledge and research expertise. Today she remains a core member of the Human Pain Laboratory and interacts with multiple primary instigators at the institutional level to facilitate, guide, and manage clinical research efforts.

Martin Angst (supervisor)

Andre Tobias-Toralba


Start date: 1/9/90

Andre Tobias-Toralba has worked at Stanford University for 20 years and is currently the Accountant in the Department of Neurosurgery. We were fortunate when Andre joined the Department of Neurosurgery in 2005; she started as an Accounting Associate, and was promoted to an Accountant in 2008.  In the years that she's worked in Neurosurgery, she has been successful in her role, particularly in managing post-award grants and contracts by carefully tracking and projecting expenditures and ensuring financial transactions are in compliance with Federal, sponsor, and University standards.  Andre performs her role with great enthusiasm and willingness to take on greater responsibilities.  She serves as first-line contact for processing postdoctoral fellow appointments for the Neurosurgical Laboratories and demonstrated the ability to work effectively with the postdoctoral fellows and faculty.  In addition, she works closely with Dr. Pak Chan, the Director of Neurosurgical Laboratories.  Dr. Chan commented that "Andre is the most dependable, reliable and dedicated co-worker that I have been ever associated with in our department. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her work and we have been extremely benefited from her expertise and un-matched integrity. The Department of Neurosurgery and the University are fortunate to have her as a loyal colleague and friend for two decades."

Dorey Clayton (supervisor)

Darlene Washington


Start date: 7/30/90

With her cheerful demeanor and calming presence, Darlene is perfect in her role providing administrative assistance to multiple faculty members in the Department of Pathology. Darlene began her career at Stanford in 1990 working at Stanford Health Services, Stanford Family Practice and Stanford Mid-Peninsula Medical Offices, then transitioned to the Department of Pathology in 2000.  Her can-do attitude is a rarity in any business organization -- no job is too big or too small. Darlene is always eager and willing to learn new tasks, and frequently provides help above and beyond her responsibilities. When she is away, her warm smile and professional attitude are missed. It is a pleasure and a real privilege to have her as part of our team.

Christina Kong (supervisor)

Mark Winters

Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Start date: 4/20/90

Mark is a senior research associate in the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases and & Geographic Medicine, and has been at Stanford for 20 years. During that time, he has worked with and supported the research programs of a number of Department of Medicine faculty including Drs. Tom Merigan, Robert Shafer, David Katzenstein, Nancy Shulman, Pat Marion, Andrew Zolopa, Jeffrey Glenn, and myself. Mark was formally the laboratory manager for the Center for AIDS Research at Stanford. In that capacity, he also interacted with numerous investigators (such as Lee and Len Herzenberg, Gary Nolan, Jim Mullins, and Brad Efron) and their staff within Stanford University and faculty investigators from other academic institutions in order to insure the success of the ongoing HIV and HCV research enterprise at Stanford University. In addition, he has supervised multiple employees and was directly responsible for the successful research experience of over 50 postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate and graduate students. He has developed numerous assays that have supported many clinical trials and molecular epidemiologic studies.  He is extremely meticulous in his approach to laboratory work and always finds a way to solve complex problems. Mark has also directly contributed to work involving over 50 publications in the areas of viral pathogenesis, antiviral treatment and antiviral drug resistance, including 17 first author publications. He continues to demonstrate this commitment to excellence on a daily basis and has made a sustained and ongoing contribution to research at Stanford. 

Mark Holodniy, MD (supervisor)

Muh-Ching Yee


Start date: 9/10/90

M.C. is a molecular biologist who has been instrumental to the success of three laboratories at Stanford: the Yanofsky, Cimprich, and Bustamante labs.  During her 20 years of service, she has overseen countless experiments that have helped us understand diverse questions ranging from regulation of tryptophan synthetase in bacteria to how the cells maintain genome stability to documenting the diversity of human genomes.  M.C. first began working in the Yanofsky lab.  As a member of this group, she made significant contributions in collaborative studies with other investigators on the enzymes of tryptophan biosynthesis of bacteria. She performed highly original genetic and biochemical analyses. Her findings are described in five scientific publications.   After 10 years of service, she joined the Cimprich lab where she aided many aspects of the lab's work on understanding genome stability.  She helped many learn to use the Xenopus egg extract system, purified numerous proteins, generated many antibodies, developed many new methods, and tested a variety new ideas.  Most importantly, she provided endless support and guidance for graduate students and postdocs.  Last year, she helped start the Bustamante lab in the Genetics department and the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine.  Here, she has been sequencing the complete genomes of countless humans, dogs, and domesticated plant species (including coffee and cacao).   M.C.'s dedication and tremendous ability at the bench have earned her huge admirers in and outside the labs.  She is particularly sought out in the design of new protocols for the escalating arms race against the sequencing machines.  Those who know her well can attest to her fantastic dancing abilities, wit, and guru knitting skills.  Congratulations, M.C.!

Charley, Karlene, and Carlos