Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

In emergency medicine, timing is critical, especially when lives are at stake. Ultrasound has been called a "superpower" in the race against time because it enables physicians to rapidly diagnose and manage disease. Bedside ultrasound is rapid, portable, repeatable, noninvasive, and avoids radiation. 

Consistent and skilled application of bedside ultrasound has been shown to increase patient satisfaction, decrease length of stay, aid in patient flow, lower healthcare cost, and, most importantly, save lives.

The growth of ultrasound applications has opened up new possibilities for ambulatory, critical care and emergency physicians. Stanford has been at the forefront of this new frontier, driving research, discovery, innovation, and educating physicians locally and internationally.


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Stanford Emergency Medicine's year-long Ultrasound Fellowship offers opportunities to learn from and work alongside leading experts, using state-of-art equipment in diverse, high-acuity clinical settings.

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Medical Student Elective

In weekly scanning shifts,  lectures and workshops, QA review,  and hands-on practice, participants explore all applications for emergency ultrasound.

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Participants earn an educational certification attesting they have achieved the qualifications for proper image acquisition. Emergency Ultrasound credentialing follows the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) guidelines and policies. Learn more >>


Each year, we are proud to host more than 150 medical students from around the country, teaching the life-saving skills of bedside ultrasound. Stanford's annual Ultrafest is a free conference featuring small group sessions and high-fidelity simulations, focuses on the didactics of ultrasound and developing manual dexterity skills.   Learn more >>


Viveta Lobo, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Emergency Ultrasound Program
Co-Director, Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

Kenton Anderson, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Emergency Ultrasound Research
Co-Director, Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

Youyou Duanmu, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, Emergency Ultrasound Research

Director, Emergency Ultrasound CME Course

Nicholas Ashenburg, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Emergency Ultrasound in Resident and Medical Student

Zahra Marjan Ghazi-Askar, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Emergency Ultrasound in Pediatric Education

Ultrasound Section Members

Sarah Williams, MD
Clinical Professor
Emergency Ultrasound Section Founder, Director Emeritus
Program Director

Laleh Gharahbaghian, MD
Clinical Professor
Emergency Ultrasound Director Emeritus
Medical Director, Adult Emergency Medicine

Cori Poffenberger, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Faculty Development and Wellness

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