Wilderness Medicine Fellowship

Base camp for an expedition length ultra-marathon in the driest desert on earth. Atacama, Chile

This SAEM-approved, two-year fellowship is designed for a graduate of an emergency medicine residency interested in becoming an educator and leader in the field of academic wilderness medicine.

• Two-year program

• Fellow selected from emergency medicine board eligible/board certified applicants

• Cutting edge research opportunities - Learn more about our research >>

• Educational and clinical experiences to learn the core curriculum and skill sets of wilderness medicine

• Protected non-clinical time for hands-on clinical care and scholarly activity of the fellow's choosing

• Education of lay persons and medical professionals at local, regional, national and international forums

The goals of the fellowship are to provide physicians with the cognitive knowledge, didactic training, and clinical skills that comprise wilderness medicine. Each fellow will be expected to further their knowledge by performing original research, educating other physicians, and serving as a medical resource for outdoor organizations. In addition to the core curriculum; the fellow's specific areas of interest will dictate research and clinical activities.

The core curriculum is designed to foster understanding in the physiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of each core subject, including related improvisation and application of knowledge in a wilderness medicine setting.

The core curriculum consists of six areas covered through small group didactics, journal clubs, lectures, clinical opportunities, and directed self-learning, with concurrent evaluation of literature to foster an evidence-based approach to wilderness medicine.

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Fellows receive educational and clinical credits towards a diploma from the Academy of Wilderness Medicine

Heat-related illness presenting as a mass casualty incident, ultramarathon medical tent in the Kimberley, Australia.

Courtesy: RacingThePlanet/Chris Lusher

Ultramarathon runners in Antarctica.

Courtesy: RacingThePlanet/Zandy Mangold

Stanford's Wilderness Medicine Fellowship has been approved by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.

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