What is SRI

•Crisis support intervention training  based on Psychological First Aid (PFA), Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR) and uses elements of Cue-Centered Therapy.

•No Cost Training: We are providing a free service to California Counties.

Core Component

•To identify current stressors and their impact

•To provide stabilization and validation

•To identify existing and new coping strategies and resources

•To engage in processes and to build resilience

Who Do We Train

Through video teleconferencing, we train county, behavioral health staff, first responders (including police, firefighters, and EMTs), mental health providers, as well as county employees and volunteers who interact with or provide services to the community.


The Stress and Resilience Training Intervention facilitated by Dr. Victor Carrion, Dr. Ryan Matlow and Dr. Hilit Kletter

Receive direct link to the training, by completing the registration form (by clicking here or image above)

Additionally, we would like to invite you to participate in a research study led by our lab group examining wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic and program success. The study is comprised of a brief survey to be taken before completing your training, two weeks after, and again two months later. Some participants may also be contacted via email to participate in an optional focus group regarding their experiences delivering the program. Your participation would help us to continue learning about the complex nature of pandemic-related stress and improve our program for the community. If you are interested in participating, please click the link below:

To take the survey in English:

Para completar el cuestionario en español:

Find out which counties in California have completed the 2-Module SRI training provided by the Early Life Stress and Resilience Program.