Opportunities for Stanford Undergrads

Stanford Medicine offers a wide range of opportunities for Stanford undergraduate students to learn in the classroom or laboratory. Almost 20 percent of the medical school's courses are open to undergraduates at Stanford.

Opportunities for Stanford Undergrads

Classroom Learning

A large number of Stanford introductory seminars are open to freshmen and sophomores. Upper-division courses can be found in the School of Medicine's section of the University Bulletin.

One of the most unique and important aspects of the undergraduate offerings at the School Medicine is the opportunity to take part in world-class biomedical research.

Students should contact individual faculty directly to discuss their areas of interest. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Research Program for details on the resources available through the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. 

The Center for Innovation in Global Health aims to provide undergraduate students with opportunities to achieve a well-rounded experience at Stanford that incorporates an understanding of the global environment we live in. The center works to co-sponsor courses, provide international outreach opportunities and aid in identifying research projects to those interested.  

A number of training opportunities are available to high school students and undergraduates from other universities who are interested in careers in medicine or science.

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