Zoom Support for School of Medicine

Zoom's Security Clearance

Zoom is approved for High Risk Data, as defined in Stanford Risk Classification Guidelines. When recording meetings that include Protected Health Information (PHI) or other regulated data, please be aware that all regulatory requirements apply, including HIPAA.

While Zoom has been certified for use with meetings that include such data, you are responsible for ensuring regulatory requirements are met sharing, downloading, and storing the recordings, as with any other regulated content.


For all curricular materials delivered over Zoom, the School of Medicine's Course Content Access and Appropriate Use Policy applies with regards to viewing and sharing.

All Zoom recorded content requires Stanford authentication to access.  However, links can be shared once accessed.

By default, the ability to download Zoom cloud recordings is turned off. This can be changed in the meeting owners account on a recording by recording basis.

Zoom cloud recordings are owned by the meeting account holder.  EdTech no longer has access to screen lecture recordings for PHI.


Despite these policy and technology safeguards, Stanford has no control over the end user. Nothing can stop a person from recording their screen or sharing links.

Always treat your lectures as if they were public.

Never share PHI or  hold sensitive conversations in a course Zoom meeting.

Zoom Training and Consultations

Trainings offered by Zoom
You can choose between selecting a pre-recorded training session or sign up for a free live training session.

Hone your skills as an effective Zoom facilitator or participant

Zoom Training Recording (46:32)


Zoom Video Tutorials for Stanford Canvas

We've created several short videos on our YouTube playlist "Zoom for Remote Instruction". The videos are less than  5 min each and cover FAQs for how to get Zoom rooms up and running quickly (see links below).

If you require hands-on training or wish to test your setup inside Canvas, please contact the EdTech staff at medcanvas@stanford.edu