Stanford LearnMed

What is LearnMed?

LearnMed is an instance of the Canvas LMS managed by the EdTech team at Stanford to deliver medical education content to staff, students, and faculty at Stanford and collaborating institutions around the world. Through LearnMed, departments can deliver content and assessments to both Stanford and non-Stanford learners. If you already have an account, use the links on the left to log in.

Interested in hosting your courses on LearnMed?

Fill out a consultation request to learn more about utilizing LearnMed as your learning platform.

Canvas Mobile App

Once your account is created, you can access LearnMed through the Canvas mobile app for Android and Apple devices. Choose "Stanford LearnMed" as the institution after you've installed the app.

Stanford Medicine Login

Please Note: Stanford employees must have a LearnMed account to log in, acquired either through a course invitation or by enrolling in an open course at