EdTech LMS Grants

Grant Program Overview

EdTech subsidizes most of the cost of licensing and maintaining the two learning management systems we offer, LearnMed and MedEd, but we ask our content partners to contribute to make the services sustainable for all (please see our 2021 cost-sharing terms). In 2021, during this period of transition from our LMS offerrings being pilot programs we offered at no cost, to an established cost-sharing program, we are providing a grant opportunity for our existing partners who are not able to share these minimal costs.

To qualify, the learning content you provide must be associated with a not-for-profit organization, and you must agree to provide a summary report by 12/31/2021.

To apply for a grant, please provide the following:

  1. Stanford affiliation  (i.e. SU, SHC, LCPH, etc.) and department, if applicable.

  2. Learning audience (i.e. medical students, residents, clinicians, specialists, etc.).

  3. Statement of purpose (Please include course description, project scope, learning objectives, amount of learners, course management details, and desired outcomes). 

  4. Timeline (What is the duration of the course? When will it launch, for how long will it run? Will this be a recurring course?)

  5. Content (Is the content already developed? Are there external resources, such as SCORM files, that would need to be integrated into LearnMed? Will there be any PHI/HIPAA compliance necessary?)

  6. Any other relevant information.

Your summary report must be submitted by 2/15/2022 and include:

  1. A narrative of how the course(s) has been used.

  2. Any relevant learning analytics data.

  3. A summary of how learning outcomes were met.

  4. User feedback or testimonials (if possible).

This grant program will end 12/31/2021. If you wish to continue offering your content on an EdTech operated learning management system beyond that date, you will be invoiced per the 2022 cost-share terms (announced Fall 2021).