Instructional Design & Production


I had an amazing experience working with the Edtech team. They were organized, professional, and user-friendly. Developing the online CME course allowed me to explore my own creativity, while leveraging the latest teaching technology. The Edtech team combined the best of technical expertise with a fine artistic sensibility. Working with them was inspirational and fun! 
-Anna Lembke
The collaborative effort between the EdTech team and myself and Marisa was indispensable to the completion of our project. The project could not have been implemented without the innovative ideas and technical adeptness of EdTech.
-Stan Deresinski
I reviewed many of the modules in this course and it is spectacular!! 
-Charles G. Prober
The Ed Tech team has played an invaluable part in the creation of my online teaching content at Stanford. Their ability to think outside of the box, their expertise in all things related to instructional design and their passion for innovation have served to inspire me and make me a better teacher.
-Maya Adam
I found EdTech to be nothing less than fantastic. I had a vague plan on how to build educational modules on mindfulness training. The group brainstormed on how to approach this topic, developed education models for training, worked closely with our team to generate a product, kept the group on task, and then created a beautiful and highly professional grade teaching module. The EdTech group was fun, energetic, packed with ideas, and great colleagues.
-Laurence Katznelson

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Introduction to Food and Health

A practical approach to supporting healthy eating for a variety of medical needs.

To Prescribe or Not To Prescribe? Antibiotics and Outpatient Infections

A practical approach to the management of common outpatient infections by the primary care provider through the use of didactic videos, patient role plays and interactive case based video