The GoHD Initiative

EdTech's GoHD intiative aims to take the mystery out of the new high definition projection technology. Every projector and monitor in our spaces is now High Definition 1080P (Full HD), and the EdTech team has prepared the following information in videos and online resources to help you make the most of the new display technology.

Watch Professor Ian Whitmore explain the benefits of HD in the GoHD Trailer

View video in HD on Vimeo.com

Converting your content

The presentations that you have are important, and converting them to take advantage of HD technology is not difficult. Whether you're using Windows or OS X, PowerPoint or Keynote, you'’ll be able to make them look their best. Use the SoM PowerPoint Template to get quickly started in making widescreen, HD-friendly presentations.

GoHD Resources

GoHD: Creating A New 16:9 Widescreen PowerPoint


GoHD: Creating and Using HD Images

Improve the quality of your digital images by using image editing techniques in Adobe Lightroom. EdTech also offers a slide/document scanning service for faculty that need items (photos, documents, 35mm slides, x-rays, etc.) scanned to a hi-resolution digital format. Full HD (1080P) is approximately 2 megapixels in resolution, so images 2 megapixels and larger are already taking full advantage of the resolution.

Creating and Using HD Images Resources

GoHD: Improving Image Quality With Adobe Lightroom

GoHD: Working with HD Video

Learn the quickest way to capture, edit and publish a video to your presentation or to the web. Videos should be recorded in Full HD (1080P aka 1920x1080) resolution to take full advantage of Full HD displays. Want to create quick and easy screen recordings? Try taking a look at our video capture booths.

GoHD: Working with HD Video Resources

GOHD: Creating and Editing HD Video Overview

Project Team

  • Jamie Tsui
  • Pauline Brutlag
  • Bindu Madhava
  • Keith McDaniel
  • Joe Benfield
  • Brian Tobin


GoHD was funded internally by EdTech.

Project Start Date

September 2009

Project Complete Date

November 2010, Ongoing Support

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