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Over the years, our team has had the opportunity to work on projects, big and small, with our incredible faculty, staff, students, and partners at Stanford Health Care. We offer a wide variety of services, including video shooting and editing, animation, illustration, and motion graphics. Take a look at our portfolio to see which format best suits your needs, and schedule a consultation with us today!

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Bladder Basics

Kathleen Kan, MD | Kritika Sharma | Chenxi Liu

Introducing Bladder Basics, a captivating animated course on bladder health for kids aged 5-10! Join Dr. Kan, Bladdimir the talking bladder, and their friends in this interactive play in which learners will laugh, sing, and learn what a bladder is, what makes a bladder unhappy, what makes a bladder happy, and how to create and start a bladder health journey. Additional resources are available for parents and caregivers. Developed in partnership with Kan Lab, Stanford Healthcare's Pediatric Urology clinic. 


Mastering Leadership

Cheryl Gore-Felton, PhD | Janice Lowe, MD | Cindy Ho | Newton Cheung

Mastering Leadership is a decision-making course designed to demonstrate how to effectively lead difficult conversations. This course will help academic medicine professionals—whether in the position to manage up or manage down— build confidence in their communication and advocacy skills.

Recent Works

A sample of EdTech's most recent projects


Coaching Skills

Rania Sanford, EdD, PCC | Sarah Williams, MD, MHPE, ACC

Coaching is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals who are used to the structured environment of academic medicine. This course, which features fun role play and evidence-based didactic videos, will give medicine faculty mentors and advisors the tools and confidence to successfully deploy coaching strategies with their coachees—hopefully helping decrease burnout and foster growth mindsets.


Reproductive Health Block

Kavita Mishra, MD | Kelly Ernst, MD | Erica P. Cahill, MD, MSc | Melanie O'Brien, Ph.D

This recently launched UME course on Reproductive Health Female Anatomy at the Stanford School of Medicine aims to provide students with a foundational knowledge of female reproductive health anatomy and histology. The course project focuses on redesigning the online course materials to enhance interactive and memorable learning experiences for students.


What to Expect After Your Low Anterior Resection Surgery

Margaret Folk-Tolbert, APRN

What to Expect After Your Low Anterior Resection Surgery is a short animated video intended to help patients understand how their bowel movements will change after low anterior resection surgery, and introduce medications and habits to help them get used to the change. 


Health After Cancer Podcast

Elle Billman | Lidia Schapira, MD | Stephanie Smith, MD | Natasha Steele, MD

This podcast was created as a resource to support, inform and connect cancer survivors. Guests include cancer survivors who share their unique stories and lessons learned in survivorship, as well as experts who support survivors in mental health wellness, genetic counseling and primary care. Season 1 is out now with 15 episodes.


Value-based Care Academy

Swati DiDonato, MD | Audra Horomanski, MD | Maysel White, PhD

The Value-based Care Academy is an inaugural learning experience produced to support the promotion of a culture of value at Stanford and features six online, interactive lessons. Lessons 1-5 guide learners through the core principles of health insurance markets and the ways in which they can incorporate value-based care into their everyday practice. Lesson 6, titled Advancing Value-based Care Through Relationship-Centered Communication, was produced in collaboration with the Advancing Communication Excellence at Stanford program, also known as ACES. 

Past Works

EdTech's projects from past years

Video Series

Family Health

Elizabeth A'Neals, LCSW | Melissa Egge, MD | Christopher Stewart, MD

To connect with and empower parents, the Stanford Children’s Health Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) and Stanford Medicine EdTech teams are produced a series of videos hosted on the new Family Health site to help parents keep their children safe and healthy.


LEAP (Leadership | Education | Access | Power)

Kevin Moody | Sarah Larson | Cara Morgan

Led by Associate Dean Kevin Moody, this program offers employees at all levels an opportunity to develop foundational leadership skills.


Pediatric Blood Cell Transfusions

Katherine Steffen, MD

This course is intended to inform providers of the evidence supporting restrictive transfusion approaches and provide education about how to employ these approaches to their patients. 

EdTech Podcasts

Stanford Medicine Interactive Learning Initiative

Pauline Becker | Michael McAuliffe | Joe Benfield | Jamie Tsui

The Stanford Medicine Interactive Learning Initiative (SMILI) was the school's landmark investment in bringing more active learning into the classroom. Staff and systems were brought to bear in support of faculty transforming their traditional lecture courses.