Rathmann Family Foundation E4C Medical Education Fellowship in Patient-Centered Care

The Rathmann Family Foundation Educators-4-CARE Medical Education Fellowship in Patient-Centered Care program provides part-time protected funding for one year to support for a Stanford faculty, fellow, or chief resident to pursue scholarly activities focused on the promotion of patient-centered care in medical education. Areas of focus may include instructional design, curriculum development, and/or evaluation. Alternatively, individuals may have topical areas of focus, such as clinical skills, compassion and humanism, or professionalism that they choose to purse as part of their scholarly project.

In addition to the scholarly project, fellows are expected to attend a weekly Medical Education Fellows' Seminar covering theory and methods in medical education research, under the supervision of the program’s faculty director(s) and teach one afternoon per week as part of the Practice of Medicine course.

The program will provide $50,000 in salary support for one year, plus up to $5,000 in project support for the fellow’s project that must be spent within two years.

2019-20 Application

Applications are now being accepted for Academic Year 2019-20 (September 1, 2019-August 31, 2020).

Interested individuals can apply online by Friday, March 1, 2019.

The following materials should also be submitted in addition to the online application:

Letters of Reference

The following letters should be emailed to bahij@stanford.edu:

  • 2 professional references who have observed and/or are familiar with your educational activities, achievements and goals who will submit a letter of support on your behalf
  • 2 learner references who have observed and/or are familiar with your education activities, achievements and goals. In the letter the learn should comment on: The context of your experience as a teacher/mentor The teacher/mentor's strength from the learner's perspective and provide examples if possible

Department/Division Approval

All applications require approval by the department chair or division chief of this commitment to apply the fellowship funds to support protected time for this effort. Please have your department chair or division chief send written approval (email to bahij@stanford.edu) of your involvement in the fellowship. The approval should include:

  • Expected % effort:
  • Signature:
  • Print Name:
  • Date:



For questions about the fellowship or application, please contact Dr. Lars Osterberg, Director, Educators-4-CARE or Bahij Austin, Director of Curricular Affairs (Office of Medical Education).