Repair after Removal of Skin Cancer (Mohs Repair)

In the San Francisco Bay Area, skin cancer removal (Mohs surgery) is becoming more and more common. The surgeons in the Division of Facial Plastic Surgery have extensive experience in repair of facial defects after removal of skin cancers.  Dr. Most has repaired hundreds of such defects.

Repair of facial defects after removal of skin cancer requires technical skill and an aesthetic sense.  Often, repair of facial defects can be performed with a single procedure.  Sometimes, however, multiple procedures are planned to achieve the best aesthetic and functional outcome.

If you have a skin cancer and would like to be evaluated by Dr. Most or if you are a dermatologist who would like to refer a patient for repair, please call (650) 736-3223.

A full gallery of results/patient education materials is available at your clinic visit.

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About Dr. Most

Dr. Sam Most is a highly trained specialist in plastic surgery of the head and neck. His training includes:

  • facial cosmetic surgery
  • complex reconstruction after head & neck cancer resection
  • craniofacial trauma reconstruction

Dr. Most's specialization in plastic surgery of the head and neck allows him to concentrate on delivering the most up-to-date techniques to his patients.

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