Support Our Work

Donations to the Dorigo Laboratory will support the research work that is currently taking place in the lab.  You may specify whether your donation will be used towards supporting a specific project area  in the lab.  Otherwise your generous gift will be used where it is needed the most.  

Stanford University is a non-profit organization and all gifts are tax deductible.

Online Donations

Online donations are available via credit card.

Check Donations

Donations by check can be sent directly to the Gynecologic Oncology department.  Please make it payable to Stanford University and indicate that the donation is to support the Oliver Dorigo Lab along with any special instructions as to how you would like your gift used, and send to:

Valerie Brown, MSW
Associate Director of Finance & Administration
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
300 Pasteur Drive- H305B
Stanford, CA. 94305-5317
Phone: (650) 725-8489

Other Donations

Donations can also be made in other forms.  A representative from the Medical Center Development office would be happy to assist you in choosing the best form for your donation.

Medical Center Development
(650) 725-2504

More Information

If you wish to get further information about the work being done in the Dorigo Lab, Dr. Dorigo would be happy to speak with you further about how your donation could help advance the diagnosis and treatment of Ovarian Cancer

Oliver Dorigo, MD, PhD
Director and Associate Professor
Division Gynecologic Oncology
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
300 Pasteur Drive, HG332
Stanford, CA 94305-5317
Phone: (310) 850-9370