Clinic Community Partners

We have sustained clinical community partnerships with a number of clinical sites. Several of these are through agreements between Stanford Medicine/Stanford Health Care that allow Stanford Faculty to serve as community-academic bridges. We also partner closely with Stanford Medicine residency programs.

  • Specialty care: In fall 2022, with the support of Stanford Health Care digital health team and community benefits, eConsult are being piloted to support our partner Ravenswood Family Health Center, expanding access to specialist recommendations to all patients served by this partner, uninsured alike.
  • IM Residency: The DoM CPP also partners closely with Stanford Medicine residency programs including HEARs residents.

Other Community Based Organization Partners

We look forward to partnering with other organizations in the future.

Internal Partners

The DoM CPP aims to build greater coordination across Stanford Medicine’s community engagement efforts to improve our responsiveness to community needs and create a shared mission. To that purpose, the DoM CPP partners closely with several other Hubs in community engagement including:

Looking for Technical Assistance with Community Engaged work?

Complete the form below to work with any of the groups mentioned above regarding community engaged work, such as support with a research project, bi-directional educational opportunities or help with non-research grants.