How We Engage

Clinical Care and Capacity Building

We build capacity internally with DoM faculty, staff and leadership as well as with our external community partners to support engagement in bi-directional, sustainable, community-centered projects that enhance health equity in the local community.

Bi-Directional Education

We act as a broker between community partners and DoM faculty and trainees to create bi-directional educational partnerships within the community. This can take many forms and we welcome the opportunity to explore how we can collaborate with community partners to connect with learner hubs at Stanford.

Partnered Research & Evaluation

We collaborate internally and externally to support health equity and community-oriented research in the local community, including actively looking for ways to connect CBO’s seeking technical support or evaluation partners. We also aim to support the dissemination of research findings in forums most useful to the community.

Policy & Advocacy Support

The DoM CPP focuses on enhancing local and national policy participation among DoM members. We support advocacy efforts to enhance health and access to health care services for all.