Research Mission Statement: To improve quality of life in all patients suffering from bladder dysfunction.

Diversity Statement: The Dobberfuhl Lab understands the importance of promoting researchers who come from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds in medicine. We have found that diversity of experience allows us to apply a diverse approach to solving problems.



Our laboratory, located in Stanford University, investigates the different molecular pathways involved in oxidative stress , circadian rhythms and their role in bladder function. Our major focus is on two health conditions which affects bladder function i) Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS)  and  ii) Nocturia. We are working on two complementary questions a) what molecular pathways are involved in IC/BPS and Nocturia, specifically related to oxidative stress and circadian rhythms? and  b) how these pathways can be targeted to find a treatment for these conditions?

We are currently accepting motivated undergraduate and graduate students, as well as clinical residents and fellows.