Charge to the School of Medicine Diversity Cabinet


The School of Medicine Diversity Cabinet is charged with recommending to the Dean programs and initiatives focused on enhancing diversity and inclusion at Stanford Medicine. Programs and initiatives may include those aimed at:

• Establishing diversity as a core value of Stanford Medicine

• Promoting a sense of belonging and inclusiveness for all members of Stanford Medicine

• Engaging the Stanford Medicine community in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse individuals in all pre-health, student, trainee, faculty, and staff groups

Once the Dean has approved specific programmatic recommendations, the Diversity Cabinet will be responsible for overseeing and monitoring their implementation, as well as communicating them to the broader community. The Diversity Cabinet may publicize programs on the Stanford Medicine diversity website, the content of which the Cabinet will manage. The Diversity Cabinet will also advise the Dean and the School leadership on diversity and inclusion issues as they arise.


The Cabinet shall review and recommend actions to Dean as regards the following:

1. Recommend and assist with oversight of specific programs approved by the Dean; monitor progress of the implementation of these programs and provide periodic updates to the Dean.

2. Provide insight on the role of diversity across the School’s broader initiatives (e.g., Precision Health).

3. Advise School leadership, including the Dean, Vice Dean, and Senior Associate Deans, on issues related to diversity and inclusion. This includes recommendations to address topical issues that arise in the area of diversity and inclusion for the School of Medicine community.

4. Engage stakeholder groups, including medical students, graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, residents, fellows, faculty, and staff through formal and informal channels to maintain continual awareness of their needs. Trainee representatives will be invited to present to the Cabinet at least once per year.

5. Develop, disseminate, coordinate, and collaborate on activities across Cabinet constituent member groups.

6. Assist the Dean in developing novel approaches to highlight diversity and inclusion in the School through internal and external strategic communications.


The Dean shall appoint the Chair or Co-Chairs of this Diversity Cabinet and accept recommendations for membership from the Chair. The Cabinet shall be comprised of leadership from the following educational units at the School: medical student admissions, medical student affairs, medical education, graduate medical education, graduate education, postdoctoral affairs, medical faculty senate, and faculty diversity, in addition to membership from other leadership groups representing the Center of Excellence for Diversity in Medical Education, LGBTQ affairs, women in academic medicine, and other school-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives. Cabinet discussions will remain confidential except as is deemed appropriate to advance diversity and inclusion.


The Chair is expected to discuss Cabinet matters regularly with the Senior Associate Deans for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs and for Medical Education. The Cabinet will prepare brief quarterly reports on its activities for the Dean. The Dean will be invited to attend at least one Cabinet meeting per year to present decanal diversity activities to the Cabinet.


The Cabinet shall meet a minimum of six times annually.

This Charge is effective as of May 1, 2017.