Medical school acceptance update from our former mentee, Jacques Calixte

Moving across the country to become a Stanford CVI mentee, and specifically being placed with the DIVERSE Network, all while undertaking the medical school application process proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Under the mentorship and guidance of the amazing people that make up the DIVERSE Network, I accomplished several firsts: my inaugural visit to the West Coast, first summer research opportunity, debut abstract submission, participation in my first research symposium, and my initial oral poster presentation, resulting in being honored as a finalist for the symposium's award. I continued to carry these experiences with me, ultimately choosing Columbia VP&S to begin my medical training. I felt that Columbia offered me the best opportunity to grow as an individual both in and out of medicine, surrounded by the fantastic urban environment of NYC, all while graduating debt-free. I'm excited to take on the Big Apple while continuously learning and growing in my path to becoming a cardiologist!

Meet Jacques Calixte, our CVI Summer 2023 mentee!

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Institutions: Undergraduate at University of Miami

Career passions: In school, I'm majoring in philosophy due to my interests in critically thinking and the coursework. For my career, while becoming a physician I'd love to be dynamic through leading, research, and teaching in addition to connecting with my patients.

Goals for the future: In the immediate future, I'd like to write a narrative-style book from the perspective of four medical students including myself. In the long-term, I'm determined on becoming a cardiologist.

What I do in my spare time: I'm passionate about my extracurricular projects – including writing, community service, and mentoring – but outside of those I enjoy athletics, exercise, and music (both playing and listening).

Meet Halima White, our former HBMC Summer 2023 mentee!

Hometown: Killeen, Texas

Institutions: 2nd year medical student at Howard University College of Medicine (MD), Prairie View A & M University (BS)

Career passions: I am extremely passionate about equity of all sorts, particularly the interplay of food and health equity. Happy, healthy food is medicine, and its lack of access exacerbates health disparities and has been critical in how I view my future role as a physician.

Goals for the future: I aspire to be a physician that continuously works to dismantle health inequities while balancing attention to compassionate and ethical care.

What I do in my spare time: I am interested in health as a profession and a lifestyle. My favorite hobbies include yoga, meditation, roller skating, working out, and dancing.