"Renewed Energy in Life"

I was a 72 year old obese mom with grandchildren when I received a call to see if I would like to participate in the Stanford IMPACT study.  My own mom was type 2 diabetic, and blind  due to many years of denial/ non-treatment.  I knew I didn't want that outcome for myself, but I could barely walk with bad knees and felt I was too old to make any big changes in my life. 


I agreed to join the IMPACT study to see if I could feel better and gain any of the mobility I had lost in the previous 2 yrs due to a computer-based job and general inertia.  I was fortunately randomized to the trial arm of 3 times per week exercise.  What a GIFT that was.  It is now a year later, and I feel so much better for having participated in this program.  I've enjoyed weight loss, drop in HA1C, increased aerobic fitness, and renewed energy for life.  Most importantly, I am committed to a 3x/week aerobic exercise and strength training for the rest of my life. Actually, I learned that my health can be changed by several small changes in my life, and I don't need a BIG change.


The turnaround in my health has enabled me to no longer be suffering from muscle & balance disuse outcomes due to my previously sedentary lifestyle, and to actually look forward to exercise sessions!  I have a return to mobility which I know is directly connected to this study. I never use the excuse "sorry I have a bad knee" now.  I also learned that constant vigilance for my own health is necessary at my age, and I need to be mindful of the consequences of how I live each day.  


The study personnel have been very helpful with tips on how to solve problems and encourage mindfulness.  I have the feeling they really care that the study participants succeed.


Thanks for the gift of returned energy and enjoyment, IMPACT study.  I'll do my best to keep the level of fitness I enjoy today!



"Helped Me a Great Deal"

This is all WIN WIN. One should find spare time to educate and follow instructions. Weight training program has helped me a great deal and I can not miss it now onwards.


"Help Others Lessen the Impact of Suffering (from) Diabetes"

"Prior to the study, I had slacked off my exercise regimen. The study got me exercising again, and reminded me of the value of the exercise. I feel better, and I can see a direct correlation between exercise and lowering of my A1C measure. Even after my program completed, I have continued my exercise regimen.

Aside from the direct physical benefit I received from the program, I also feel good knowing that by participating in a research study, I can help others lessen the impact of suffering diabetes."

- Brian

"Promote Healthy Habits with Diet and Exercise"

This is one of the best Diabetes study program that I have ever participated (in) for few reasons: 


The provider (IMPACT) program have given a good instrutions on exercise and access to exercise facility.  

The monthly sessions give knowledge about Diabetes and promote healthy habits with diet and exercise combined. 

I discovered whenever I have exercise for longer duration(30+ mins), I always dropped my sugar around 50 -100 points. 


As of end of  March, I was able to achive the followings: 

1.  Improving my exercise intensity from bicycling to jogging for 30 minutes.  

2.  losing weight of 15 IBs and and still keep going 

3.  My fasting sugar level dropped from 160-170 to 110-120 in the morning


I wish to continue the exercise sessions if possible. 


"More Energy"

I joined this program about 5 months ago. I feel more energy than before. My fasting blood sugar is below 100 1/3 of time.  I hope getting better result at the end of program. Thanks everyone.