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DISparities and Culture: Outcomes and Vitality Research

Mission Statement

In support of the Stanford University School of Medicine mission, DISCOVeR Lab, led by Dr. Latha Palaniappan, a physician scientist, conducts research that seeks to investigate racial/ethnic health disparities in cardiometabolic disease risk, burden, screening, treatment and outcomes in multiethnic populations. She along with collaborators at Stanford and other world-renown institutions, take what they learn from patient care back to their labs to guide their research projects into new diagnostics and treatments for various illnesses.

Excellence in research, teaching and clinical care distinguishes School of Medicine. The research in the School of Medicine informs the leading-edge clinical care at Stanford Health Care and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.

DISCOVeR Lab also supports the students and residents, through HBREX and the LHDP, by means of mentoring students during the summer and throughout the year, for these students will lead the next generation in biomedical research and clinical care.

DISCOVeR research projects seek to address the gap in knowledge of health and health-related patient centered outcomes, specifically exploring gender and racial/ethnic disparities in obesity, diabetes, and coronary heart disease. Dr. Latha Palaniappan is also experienced in observational study design and implementation using electronic health record data and in the preparation and interpretation of statistical analysis. In addition to Dr. Palaniappan's research efforts, she has mentored several undergraduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Clinical and research doctorates, who have worked with the DISCOVeR Lab have had the opportunity to be actively involved in DISCOVeR research projects, as well as others that focus on patient-centered outcomes and racial/ethnic differences.