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Dimension Possible Measures Department Profile Impacts on DFA
Emphasis on Clinical Responsibility/Patient Care

Professional/ Technical revenues

# Exams or visits

Level of interaction with UCSF Stanford staff

Outreach programs

# clinics run

if Clinical, significant additional responsibilities re: clinical administration are added:

additional budget management

more hospital systems encountered

additional staff governed by different sets of rules

additional and different compliance requirements

additional activities (Operations Improvement, etc.)
Emphasis on Teaching / Education
# students taught

# units taught per faculty

# training grants

# Residents

#Grad Students

# Post Docs

# Fellows
admissions process, minority recruitment

general support to students, address payroll issues

financial support skills, ability to find funding

responsible for the credentialing process
Emphasis on Research
research $/year expended

# proposals submitted by type (federal, nonfederal, grant, contract, program projects, subcontracts)

# active grants

# Clinical trials
importance of RMG partnership

increased purchasing, total expenditures, property management, lab management with higher research emphasis and funding.

compliance/policy issues

tracking, financial controls, financial accountability
clinical billing

total expenditures

# faculty

# students

# staff (admin vs. research)

total # people

net square footage

# divisions
larger depts require more staff management and delegation, motivation of staff, communications, business planning

planning for larger departments is more complex and requires more time

smaller departments have less margin for error

less delegation indicates more operational skills needed, greater variety of tasks
# of non-contiguous spaces occupied

# of off-campus locations

# of sites in foreign countries

Is space owned by Stanford?

Are staff and DFA co-located?
more challenging to communicate among faculty/staff

more difficult to facilitate team building, maintain morale; more subsets and/or more autonomous staff

more time spent in transit from one place to another

difficult to adequately deal with Human Resources issues

off-campus distribution means dealing with additional systems, policies, procedures
Inter-disciplinary Focus
# joint programs, both internal and external
planning and coordination requirements increase with breadth of department

partnership & communication skills are more important
External Involvement
# external programs
project management emphasis, communication and general business planning skills

partnership & communication skills are more important
Style & Experience of Chair
Experience at Stanford

Management/ Administrative experience

Entrepreneurial nature

Need for information

Availability / accessibility

Leadership/ partnering style
chairs new to Stanford require orientation, development of new culture, institutional relationships & history

entrepreneurial chairs need more financial & project management support

depending on chair orientation, Business Manager may need the ability to: function successfully in a "damage control" environment; deal with ambiguity; set own priorities, exercise independent judgement; delegate tasks; have a strong implementation orientation
Growth Change over time in:
# faculty; staff; consolidated budget; space

The seniority of the Chair or whether Chair is new (recruitment package can be trigger for growth)
shrinking department: more "hands-on" approach is often required as staff is downsized, reducing ability to delegate; ER issues arise; inventory of equipment and research documentation is important as faculty leave the department

expanding department: must adopt a more managerial and delegatory approach; faculty and staff recruiting increases; more facilities work; emphasis on faculty affairs; much work precedes growth, especially planning; ER and compensation issues
Other Relevant Issues depends on issue  
depends on issue


Delegation Profile


Minimally delegated 

Moderately Delegated 

Maximally Delegated (to whom? 

Full-Time Staff 


Business Planning 

Financial and Program Management 

Research Administration

Clinical Administration

HR and Staff Management 


Health & Safety 

Information Management 

Academic (Faculty) Affairs 

Education and Student Affairs
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