(H1) Projects or Labs

Stretch out, make a statement

(H2) How to Fill the Space

As opposed to large departmental sites, a project or lab can be farily narrow in scope. You may end up feeling like there's not enough content to populate your homepage — this isn't a bad problem to have.

Sometimes designing the homepage last is a helpful strategy

Audit your website content and bring the most striking to the forefront. Perhaps a recent discovery, publication or mention, video or primary contact.

(H3) Other 'Text' Techniques

  • Group like-subjects together using Panel Builders. See the Panel Builder Layouts for more ideas how.
  • Text that goes 100% wide is hard to read, so break it up with images or other materials such as downloads, links or quotes.
  • Long blocks of text are discouraged. If you can't avoid it, use the collapse text feature,  More 

available in the Text EditorLess 

Did You Make the News?

Make a point of bringing it up


Be mindful about volume of text for this type of content. A few sentences usually suffice. Avoid placing mission statements, or long blocks of text in prime real estate areas, especially above the fold. 

Component Tutorials

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