General Page Layouts

The amount of content has a big impact on your design

How much content?

Making the content 'fit' into a page affects the readibilty, accessibility and overall effectiveness of a site. Pick a sample below based on how much content you have...

Disperse or consolidate?

Clutter is the worst enemy of good design. When there's too much content on a page, either split it up or spread it out using some of these simple techniques.

Amount of Content

Low Volume

  • 1-2 ¶ | Little to no media
  • Mission statements | Events
  • Find | About | Contact Us

For when there's not a lot of content, stretch out and take a creative, impact-driven approach. It can feel like writers block, but these layouts often take on the most varied designs.

Medium Volume

  • 3 - 6 ¶ | Some media
  • Related materials | News 
  • General Info. | Research & Edu

Most pages will fall into this category. With supporting resources and links to further information, medium density pages are prime for employing different panel layouts.

High Volume

  • 5+ ¶ | Variety of media
  • Staff & People | Publications
  • Homepages | Instructions

When there's a veritable encyclopedia of information, employ sophisticated layout techniques including tabs, accordions and anchor links, and downloads to mitigate clutter.