Genetic Skin Diseases Clinic

The outpatient, multidisciplinary Genetic Skin Diseases Clinic is offered quarterly. It is staffed by the pediatric dermatology and genetics teams. The goals of this clinic are to provide expert consultation in the diagnosis and management of children with complex, hereditary disorders that primarily affect the skin and to offer diagnostic consultation for children with a probable genetic disorder in which skin changes may be a clue to the diagnosis. Examples of the types of disorders ideal for this clinic include ectodermal dysplasias, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, ichthyoses, and incontinentia pigmenti, to name a few.

Because the clinic is designed as a consultative clinic, long-term follow-up of children with known disorders is performed in the general Pediatric Dermatology Clinic and Genetic Clinic if needed.

Patient Referrals

To refer a patient to this clinic, a referral form needs to be filled out and faxed to us by a physician. View the patient consultation form.

What to Expect

Prior to your appointment, you will be contacted by phone by a member of the Genetics team to obtain background medical and family history and to help arrange for relevant laboratory results, imaging studies, and medical records to be sent to us.

At the visit, your child will be examined by our pediatric dermatology and genetics teams. The physicians will convene immediately after the examination to discuss your child's possible diagnostic and therapeutic options and provide you with a comprehensive plan.

Our Team

Pediatric Dermatologists Joyce Teng, MD., PhD. Phuong Khuu, MD.
Geneticists Louanne Hudgins, MD.  
Social Worker Robin Newman, MSW  
Nurse Specialist Lisa Taylor, RN. Andrea Kwan, RN.
Administrative Coordinator Lorraine Spaulding  

Contact Us

The referral number to this clinic: (650)498-6078, FAX: (650)498-4209

If you have any questions regarding this clinic, please contact our Nurse Coordinator:
Lisa Taylor, R.N. at (650)725-9961

If you are have specific questions regarding your insurance authorization or upcoming appointments, please contact our Clinic Coordinator:
Lorraine Spaulding at (650)804-4820


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