Stanford Skin Innovation and Interventional Research Group (SIIRG)

The Stanford Skin Innovation and Interventional Research Group (SIIRG) is a collaborative effort bringing together nine Stanford dermatology faculty members focused on developing better treatments and diagnostics for skin disease. Our central unifying vision is precision care for each individual patient – that is, finding the best and most appropriate solution to patients’ individual skin issues based on their unique characteristics. Our research group brings to bear clinical and research expertise in inflammatory skin conditions, supportive dermato-oncology, digital health/artificial intelligence, imaging, and diagnostics. Built on the foundation of a busy clinical trials unit with extensive collaborations both within the Department of Dermatology and with the broader Stanford University ecosystem, we engage in NIH, foundation, and industry sponsored studies that have the potential to improve the quality of dermatologic care in our nation. SIIRG faculty members have published their work in journals ranging from The New England Journal of Medicine to Nature.

We invite you to learn more about our efforts to improve clinical care for skin disease and welcome correspondence!

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