A Study of the Natural History of RDEB Wounds Using Tissue Analytics Mobile Photography App

Status: Open / Recruiting


  • Clinical diagnosis of RDEB
  • Must have at least one wounded area that can be photographed over time

About the study:

We are studying the natural history of wounds in patients with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Participants will be asked to use a photography app (available for free on iPhone and Android devices) to take photographs of selected chronic wounds weekly during routine home dressing changes. They will also rate pain and itch at individual wounds using the app and complete electronic monthly surveys. The app is able to outline the wound, and the images are uploaded to a database where Stanford researchers can evaluate them.

Participants will not need to come to Stanford for this study. All study communication can be done remotely, either using the app, by phone or by video conferencing.

Participants will be paid $15 for each week photos are uploaded to the application.


Study Coordinator: Nicki Harris  nharris6@stanford.edu 

We previously published information about this app, comparing it to gold standard clinic photography. You can read that article here.