Administrative Staff

Phil Yamahiro

Director of Finance and Administration

Pam Atkins

Financial Management Analyst

Stephanie Henry

Finance Manager

Cassie Chatelain

Administrative Associate

Supports: Drs. Silvina Pugliese. Gina Kwon, Marlyanne Pol Rodriguez, Hayley Leatham. Gordon Bae, Jen Wang, Maria Aleshin, and Chelsea Ma

Miriam Christoph

Administrative Associate

Support: Drs. Justin Ko, Sumaira Z. Aasi, Nour Kibbi, and John Yost

Finance & Support: SIIRG Clinical Trials

Trish Dykzeul

Administrative Associate

Pediatric Derm Fellowship Coordinator Pediatric Clerkship Coordinator 

Supports: Peds Derm: Faculty: Drs. Joyce Teng, Dawn Siegel, Phuong Khuu, Anne Marqueling, Derek Chu and Shehla. Admani

Stephine Gradel

Administrative Associate

Support: Drs. Jasmine Rana, Caely Yanikoglu, Jennifer Yeh, Suzanne Sachsman, and Anne Lynn Chang

Amrut Leo

Administrative Associate for Peds Derm

Averley Mayo

Administrative Associate

Supports: Jean Tang, Kavita Sarin, Albert Chiou, Golara Honari, Meghan Dickman, L.isa Zaba

Alesha Norton Barnes

Administrative Associate

Supports: Drs. Youn Kim and Susan Swetter

Pam Bernstein

Administrative Research Manager

Michela Pilo

Executive Assistant to Chairman Dr. Paul Khavari

Daniel Bravlasky

Administrative Associate

Administrative & Lab Support for Drs. Howard Chang and Pete Marinkovich

Departmental Property Administrator

Anne Dazey

Administrative Associate

Administrative & Lab Support for Drs. Kevin Wang, Eleni Linos, and Dr. Paul Khavari (Lab Only)

Inna Gitman

Administrative Associate

Administrative & Lab Support for Drs.Anthony Oro and Cari Lee

Basic Research Postdoctoral Fellow Coordinator

Kathrina De La Cruz

Education Program Manager

Supports: Drs. Kristin Nord, Elizabeth Bailey and David Fiorentino

Madison Siemers

Education Program Coordinator

Medical Student Clerkship Coordinator

Supports: Drs. Joanna Badger, Jennifer Chen and Matt Lewis

Renee Arrechea

Education Program Coordinator

Grand Rounds Coordinator

Supports: Dr. Bernice Kwong

For any Faculty Affairs/Visiting Scholars/Research Appointments, please contact: