Stanford Dermatology Commitment to Wellness

Wellness Committee

Stanford Dermatology is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the wellness of each resident in our program. We strongly believe in a culture of kindness, and uplifting one another to create a greater good. Connectedness helps us feel more compassion for ourselves and our patients, handle stressful situations more calmly, and counteract burnout. The Dermatology Wellness Committee meets quarterly to share ideas, brainstorm solutions to wellness barriers, and create wellness initiatives and events that will foster a departmental feeling of collegiality and wellbeing.

Wellness Initiatives

We welcome all residents and faculty to join the Dermatology Wellness Committee. Since 2017, we have implemented many wellness initiatives that have benefited our residents and the department as a whole.

Wellness initiatives include food/snacks at grand rounds, filtered water at the VA, Dragon training and microphones in clinic, an intramural sports team, and a virtual connectedness group text using “WhatsApp” where we share recipes and socially connect with one another. In addition to having access to Stanford’s many state-of-the-art athletic facilities and fitness classes, residents can now conveniently work out in the resident room with available free weights, resistance bands, a yoga ball and a cycle-desk. 

Resident Bonding Events

We kick off each academic year with our Welcome Picnic. There is always a large crowd of faculty and residents to welcome our first year residents and their families to our program. We welcome everyone with open arms, fantastic food, and a large bouncy castle!    

It’s game-on every summer for Stanford Dermatology residents and faculty, who compete in family friendly games at our annual Field Day! The growth of the program has resulted in more athletic prowess for the residents at Field Day, with the residents often outscoring the faculty.

A great bonding experience for the residents each year is the Residency Retreat in the Fall. Past events include an escape room, chocolate making, hikes, picnics in the park, and pottery class.

Music Videos

Faculty tribute song to the resident graduates of 2020

Click here for video

Resident welcome music video to class of 2023

Click here for video

Guest Speakers

As a part of our commitment to wellness, we’ve been honored to invite several guest speakers each year to educate us on topics such as nutrition, work-life balance, recognizing signs of substance abuse, and physician vitality and wellness.

Guest speaker Clinical Associate Professor MaryAnn Campion, on physician vitality and wellness. Her research has focused on faculty development in academic medicine and the translation of genomics into public health.

Wellness Resources

  1. Well-Being Panel
    1. Phone #: 650-346-3241
    2. 12 free sessions to all House Staff (Courtesy of Well-Being Committee)
    3. Not for emergencies (you will receive a call back within 24 hours)
    4. Confidential
    5. Access to 60 Non-Stanford Clinic Psychiatrists & Psychologists
    6. No insurance needed for first 12 sessions. After 12 free visits, you can use insurance or pay cash.
  2. Health Connect
    • Phone #: (24/7): 650-724-1395
    • Email: (non-urgent issues)
    • Service sponsored by the Department of Psychiatry and Stanford Healthcare to facilitate timely access to counseling and mental health services.
    • 24x7 access, including emergencies
    • Confidential
    • One-time visits or longer-term care through Stanford or community providers
  3. Office of the Ombusperson
    1. Website:
    2. James Laflin, 650-498-5744
  4. Help Center
    1. Website:
    2. Phone #: 650-723-4577
    3. In addition to the Faculty Staff Help Center, you can also use the Value Options EAP - which has the same benefit of 10 free and confidential sessions. They can be reached at 855-281-1601.
  5. Ann Dohn, GME Designated Institutional Officer
  6. Well-Being Committee
    1. Contact Dr. William Berquist, Chairman of the Physians Support Panel @ 650-498-5603
    2. Confidential
    3. Physician Support Panel for any substance abuse issue/advice concerning substance abuse.
  7. Well MD Website
    1. Website:
    2. Links to self-assessment tests and information on classes, groups, and volunteer activities.
    3. Information on exercise, burnout, depression, stress, mindfulness, resilience, and work-life balance.
    4. Calendar of wellness related CME offerings.
    5. “Get Help” page for immediate crisis contact information.
  8. Stanford Committee for Professional Satisfaction & Support
    1. Brochure
  9. Mindfulness Tools


Updated October 2020


2021 Group Hike

2020 Trivia Night!

2020 Mentorship "Families" meeting

Still from faculty tribute song to residents for Graduation 2020 song  "Lean on Me"

2019 Field Day!