“Stanford’s alchemy of openness and high intelligence attracts great colleagues with differing mindsets to tackle different problems and shift paradigms. We share a love of knowledge and a fundamental desire to help humanity.”

—Carlos Bustamante, PhD, Founding Chair of the Department of Biomedical Data Science

World Class Methodologists

We are a team of world-class qualitative methodologists who represent wide areas of interest and diverse pillars of expertise. We are experts in science and research, and in translating them directly to application, and we are passionate about expanding our vision and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

And as core to our mission as the data we deliver, is our commitment to develop and train the next generation of leaders in biomedical data science.

"I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians, and I'm not kidding."

— Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google

Founding Chair, Carlos D. Bustamante

Associate Professor Lu Tian and students

Data Studio Research Associate, Laurel Stell

BDS Faculty Member, Lu Tian

Founding Director of Finance and Administration, Christine Scholberg

Professor Chiara Sabatti and students at 2018 BDS Symposium

BDS Instructor, Helio Costa

Bustamante Lab trainees at 2018 BDS Symposium

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