Workshop in Biostatistics (BIODS/STATS 260)

Open to enrolled students and all members of the Stanford community.

Receiving Credit for Attending a Workshop Seminar

Students who wish to receive two credits must write an essay summarizing one of the seminars and discussing it critically in the context of the background readings.

Contact program manager Katie M. Kanagawa with questions. Suggestions and self-nominations for seminar speakers and topics are welcome.

The Workshop is held from 1:30-2:50pm in Medical School Office Building (MSOB), Rm x303, 1265 Welch Road, Stanford, unless otherwise specified on the calendar below.

Winter 2020 Calendar

1/9 Andrew Peterson (Chief Scientific Officer, MedGenome) 

The Challenges and Benefits of Diversity in Data

Abstract and Suggested Readings (PDF)

1/16 Jelena Bradic (Associate Professor of Mathematics, UC San Diego)

Time to event data: New approaches for prediction and inference

Abstract and Suggested Readings (PDF)

1/23 Dominik Rothenhäusler (Assistant Professor of Statistics at Stanford)

Invariance, causality, and replicability

Abstract and Suggested Reading (PDF)

1/30 Priya Moorjani (Assistant Professor of Genetics, Genomics and Development at UC Berkeley)

An Evolutionary Perspective on the Human Mutation Rate

Abstract and Suggested Readings (PDF)

2/6 Liang Liang (Basic Life Science Researcher in Genetics at Stanford) & Robert Tibshirani (Professor, Stanford Department of Biomedical Data Science and of Statistics)

The Metabolic Clock of Human Pregnancy

Abstract (PDF)


Special Location: LKSC LK120

Hajime Uno (Assistant Professor, Department of Data Sciences at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School)

Adaptive long-term restricted mean survival time approach to compare time-to-event outcomes in randomized controlled trials for immunotherapy

Abstract (PDF)

(Reading1), (Reading2), (Reading3), (Reading4)

2/20 Kyle Gaulton (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, UC San Diego)

Interpreting complex disease genetics using epigenomics

Abstract and Suggested Readings (PDF)


Special Location: Clark S361

Le Cong (Assistant Professor of Pathology at Stanford)

Data-Inspired CRISPR Barcoding and Single-Cell Decoding for Dissecting Cancer Evolution

Abstract and Suggested Readings (PDF)

3/5 Devan Mehrotra (Vice President, Biostatistics at Merck & Co.)

Survival Analysis using a 5-STAR Approach in Randomized Clinical Trials

Abstract (PDF)

(Reading1), (Reading2), (Reading3), (Reading4)

3/12 Lu Tian (Associate Professor of Biomedical Data Science and, by courtesy, of Statistics at Stanford) & Steve Yadlowsky, PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering, Stanford)

Estimation and Validation of a Class of Conditional Average Treatment Effects Using Observational Data

Abstract and Suggested Readings (PDF)