Senior Research Scientist Balasubramanian Narasimhan (right) toasts Phil Lavori's 2019 retirement.

Research Staff

Mete Ugur Akdogan

Scientific Research Developer (Rubin Group)

Emel Alkim

Software Developer, Research (Rubin Group)

Cavit Altindag

QA Developer (Rubin Group)

Kaitlin Chaung

Bioinformatician (Salzman Lab)

Gloria Cheung

Full Stack/ Software Developer (ClinGen Initiative)

Li Gong

Scientific Data Curator (Klein Group)

Rachel Huddart

Scientific Curator (Klein Group)

Janet Hwang

Data Manager (Tian Group)

Loukia Karacosta

Basic Life Research Scientist (Plevritis Group)

Yuanyuan Li

Life Science Research Professional (Plevritis Group)

Amy Lin

Data Scientist II (Lu Group)

Rao Madhavrao

Head of Software Engineering (ClinGen Initiative)

Mark Mandell

Front End Developer (ClinGen Initiative)

Balasubramanian Narasimhan

Senior Research Scientist
Director, Data Coordinating Center

Cindy Paulazzo

Administrative Associate (Klein Group)

Christine Preston

Scientific Data Curator (ClinGen Initiative)

Katrin Sangkuhl

Scientific Data Curator (Klein Group)

Laurel Stell

Engineering Research Associate (Biostatistics and Lu Group)

John Tamaresis

Biostatistician (Biostatistics and Lu Group)

Caroline Thorn

Scientific Curator (Klein Group)

Ryan Whaley

Software Developer (Klein Group)

Michelle Whirl-Carrillo

Senior Research Scientist (Klein Group)

Mark Woon

Software Developer (Klein Group)

Matthew Wright

Product Team Leader (ClinGen Initiative)

Bryan Wulf

Software Developer (ClinGen Initiative)



Ozge Yurtsever

Software Developer (Rubin Group)

Weiruo Zhang

Research Engineer (Plevritis Group)

*For full lists of academic and research staff members in DBDS primary faculty groups, visit our Faculty page and follow the links to primary faculty member lab websites.