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Articles of Interest & Papers

New publication from the Wall Lab on Common Microdeletions in SARS-CoV-2 Sequences

May 16, 2020. Stanford Wall Lab members Brianna Sierra Chrisman, Kelley Paskov, Nate Stockham, Jae-Yoon Jung, Maya Varma, Peter Washington, and Dennis P. Wall released the results of their recent COVID-19 research on 

Rare protein-altering variants in ANGPTL7 lower intraocular pressure and protect against glaucoma

May 5, 2020. This study from members of the Rivas Lab, including first author Yosuke Tanigawa (pictured left), has been published by PLOS Genetics. 

Specific splice junction detection in single cells with SICILIAN

April 15, 2020. DBDS faculty member Julia Salzman and members of her lab, postdoc Roozbeh Dehghannasiri and graduate student Julia Olivieri (pictured left), released their preprint on bioxRiv! 

Why Do Young, Healthy People Die from COVID-19?

April 14, 2020. DBDS faculty member Manuel Rivas contributes to this Proto Magazine story about why young, healthy people die from COVID-19. His genetics work focuses on outliers at the other extreme: people who are highly resistant to the virus despite repeated exposure. 

Assessing Digital Phenotyping to Enhance Genetic Studies of Human Diseases

April 9, 2020. DBDS community members and alumni, Christopher DeBoever (pictured left), Yosuke Tanigawa, Matthew Aguirre, Greg McInnes, Adam Lavertu, and Manuel Rivas, published the results from their recent research on digital phenotyping in AJHG

DBDS in the News

Stanford researchers working on wearables for early detection of infectious diseases

May 5, 2020. DBDS faculty member Russ Altman is featured in this Stanford Daily story about how "Stanford researchers are working with Fitbit and Scripps Research Institute to develop wearables that can detect infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and help contain their spread."

Knight-Hennessy Scholars program announces new cohort

May 4, 2020. We are thrilled to announce that two of our incoming BMI students, Misha Baitemirova and Eric Sun, have been awarded Knight-Hennessy Scholarships. Including Juan Manuel Zambrano, a returning BMI PhD scholar who was awarded a KH Fellowship two years ago, we will have three KH scholars in the BMI program! 

Six Stanford affiliates receive Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

April 19, 2020. DBDS is thrilled to announce that Eric Sun, a PhD student who will be joining the BMI training program in the fall, has been awarded a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans. This is a tremendous honor, and we congratulate the recipient and the BMI team!

Nigam Shah: A researcher turns to data to fight the COVID-19 virus

April 8, 2020. DBDS faculty member Nigam Shah joined Russ Altman for this Future of Everything podcast. Shah, "an expert in bioinformatics...describes how better information and modeling can help caregivers stay a step ahead of the new virus."

COVID-19 patients often infected with other respiratory viruses, preliminary study reports

March 29, 2020. DBDS faculty member Nigam Shah is featured in this Stanford Medicine News story about a preliminary analysis that finds that people infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 are often co-infected with other respiratory viruses.

How sick will the coronavirus make you? The answer may be in your genes

March 27, 2020. DBDS faculty member Manuel Rivas is quoted in this Science Magazine story, and his group's recent preprint is also mentioned.