Community Announcements

Rob Tibshirani awarded new NSF grant

May 16, 2021. Professor of Biomedical Data Science and of Statistics, Robert (Rob) Tibshirani, PhD, has been awarded a four-year research grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support his work on "Flexible Statistical Modeling."

Julia Olivieri awarded a 2021-22 Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship

May 10, 2021. Julia Olivieri, graduate student in the Salzman Lab and the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME), has been named a 2021-22 Lieberman Fellow. The one-year Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship supports doctoral students whose research accomplishments, teaching, and service to the University have demonstrated their potential for becoming academic leaders.

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Ying Lu Co-Chairing CISD’s Fourth Stat4Onc Virtual Annual Symposium scheduled for May 6-8, 2021

March 30, 2021. Co-hosted by the Center for Innovative Study Design, and co-chaired by DBDS faculty member Ying Lu (pictured here), the Stat4Onc Annual Symposium is a three-day symposium that aims to bring oncologists and statisticians together to share new research, discuss novel ideas, ask questions and provide solutions for cancer clinical trials and research. In the era of big data, precision medicine, and genomics and immune-based oncology, it is crucial to provide a platform for interdisciplinary dialogues among clinical and quantitative scientists. An important aspect of Stat4Onc is the participation of researchers in oncology and statistics across academia, industry and regulatory agencies. This event will be held online and you will receive the meeting links via email before the symposium. 

April 26, 2021 Update: Stanford University received a multi-PIs R13 grant from NCI to support the Stat4Onc Annual Symposium for the next 5 years. The PIs are Ying Lu (Stanford), Yuan Ji (U Chicago), Ming-Hui Chen (U Conn) and Shivaani Kummar (OHSU). Stanford is the Contact PI.

Robert Tibshirani receives 2021 ISI Founders of Statistics Prize

April 23, 2021. DBDS faculty member Robert (Rob) Tibshirani has been awarded an ISI Founders of Statistics Prize for his 1996 paper, entitled "Regression Shrinkage and Selection via the LASSO." The Founders of Statistics Prize (formerly known as the Karl Pearson Prize) was launched by the International Statistical Institute (ISI) in 2013 to recognize a 'contemporary' research contribution that has had profound influence on statistical theory, methodology, practice, and/or applications. The contribution must be a research article or book published within the last three decades. The prize is awarded biennially and the author of the winning contribution presents the Founders of Statistics Lecture during the ISI World Statistics Congress (WSC). 

Drs. Curtin, Hernandez-Boussard Receive R01

April 16, 2021. Congratulations to Drs. Catherine Curtin and Tina Hernandez-Boussard (pictured here), who have received an R01 grant for their project "Identifying Optimal Pain Management for Elders." "This 5-year study with funding from the NIH's Agency for Healthcare Research and quality will let them build upon their previous work optimizing postoperative pain management."

Serena Yeung receives 2021 Google Research Scholar Award

March 31, 2021. DBDS faculty member Serena Yeung (pictured here) has been chosen to be a recipient of a 2021 Google Research Scholar Award, for her proposal entitled "Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Surgical Technique in the Operating Room." With this project, she aims "to develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and resources for automated analysis of surgical video, that can provide feedback on aspects of surgeon technique correlating with patient outcomes."

Wing Hung Wong has received a COPSS Distinguished Achievement Award and Lectureship

March 31, 2021. For his groundbreaking and fundamental contributions to statistical theory and applications, particularly in likelihood inference, Monte Carlo computation, Bayesian statistics,and computational biology, DBDS faculty member Wing Hung Wong (pictured here) has been selected to receive a 2021 COPSS Distinguished Achievement Award and Lectureship. The Distinguished Achievement Award and Lectureship (DAAL) is given yearly to an individual in recognition of outstanding contributions to statistical methods that have had significant impact on scientific investigations.