DBDS in the News

DBDS Chair and Faculty receive Chan Zuckerberg Investigator awards

February 8, 2017- DBDS Chair Dr. Carlos Bustamante and new DBDS faculty member James Zou are now recipients of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Investigator Award!

"The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub committed more than $50 million to support 47 of the best investigators from Bay Area universities, including 19 from Stanford University. The investigators each receive five-year appointments worth up to $1.5 million to carry out non-conventional scientific exploration and to invent new tools to accelerate the pace of discovery.

'The 47 CZ Biohub Investigators we’re introducing today are quite literally inventing the future of life science research,” said Stephen Quake, co-president of CZ Biohub and professor of bioengineering and applied physics at Stanford. “The CZ Biohub is distinguished by our emphasis on technology and engineering, and our researchers are inventing tools to accelerate science for the good of humanity.'"

Stanford Daily Interview with DBDS Faculty James Zou

February 3, 2017- "In this series, The Stanford Daily sits down to talk with new faculty members on campus.

Assistant professor James Zou joined Stanford’s newly created biomedical data science department in the fall, teaching CS 273B: “Deep Learning in Genomics and Biomedicine” with Anshul Kundaje, assistant professor of genetics and computer science. The Daily sat down with Zou to discuss joining the Stanford community and his interests beyond his academic discipline."


Carlos Bustamante Named Inaugural Chair of Newly Created Biomedical Data Science Department

September 11, 2015- "Population geneticist Carlos Bustamante will lead a new biomedical data department founded to advance precision health.

The department will build on the School of Medicine’s strengths in using information technology to advance precision health and work to find common solutions to the challenges of analyzing biomedical data from varied sources, including biosensors, electronic medical records and genomic sequencing."

Departments of Emergency Medicine, Biomedical Data Science To Be Created

June 11, 2015- "Biology and health care are being transformed by large-scale data analysis. The Department of Biomedical Data Science will build on the medical school’s strengths in developing and applying information technology to prevent disease, deliver more efficient patient care, streamline applications in translational research and improve access to biomedical data. The field has grown rapidly and has proven to be an invaluable tool for ensuring clinical objectives and best practices.

'Stanford is already a world leader in innovation methodology in biostatistics and biomedical informatics,' said Russ Altman, MD, PhD, professor of bioengineering, of genetics and of biomedical informatics research. 'Uniting these disciplines under the auspices of a single department will allow us to approach data and information in a whole new way.' Altman, a member of the core planning group that prepared the proposal for departmental status, added, 'Big data holds unbelievable opportunities to change how medicine is explored and delivered.'"