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Sex and gender analysis improves science and engineering

November 6, 2019. DBDS Primary Faculty member, Dr. James Zou, and co-authors released results from their research on how to use sex and gender analysis to improve science and engineering in Nature. 

Genome-wide Association Studies in Ancestrally Diverse Populations: Opportunities, Methods, Pitfalls, and Recommendations

October 10, 2019. Check out this new Cell Primer on GWAS in diverse populations. Authors, including DBDS Postdoctoral Scholar Alice Popejoy and Bustamante Lab alum Alicia Martin, worked really hard to make sure that race, ethnicity, and ancestry were considered carefully from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

Components of genetic associations across 2,138 phenotypes in the UK Biobank highlight adipocyte biology

September 6, 2019. Check out this new study, published today in Nature Communications, featuring research and results from the DBDS Rivas Lab, colleagues, and collaborators!

Rubin Lab Names One of Best Four 2018 Papers on Clinical Decision Support by IMIA!

September 3, 2019. The Rubin Lab's paper,* on AI modeling to predict survival of metastatic cancer patients to enable personalized treatment decision making, was named one of the 4 best papers (among 1,148 papers reviewed) published in 2018 on Clinical Decision Support by the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)!

16 new gene-based abnormalities found to increase risk for autism

August 8, 2019. The Wall Lab has released a new study in Cell, entitled "Inherited and De Novo Genetic Risk for Autism Impacts Shared Networks. " This is the largest whole genome sequencing study of its kind in this space, with some great discoveries including a new syndrome for autism.

BDS in the News

Sex and gender analysis improves science, Stanford scholars say

November 6, 2019. Stanford News featured research conducted by co-author, and DBDS faculty member, James Zou on how "a gender and sex analysis in scientific research can open the door to discovery and innovation."

Smartphone app encourages physical activity, study finds

October 31, 2019. DBDS Secondary faculty member, Euan Ashley, was featured in Stanford Medicine News and the Dean's Brief.  The story explores how, "Using a smartphone app, Stanford scientists and their colleagues conducted the first entirely digital randomized clinical trial to boost exercise among participants."

Medical device safety in the real world: Tapping EHR data

October 7, 2019. This Stanford Medicine News feature story features DBDS Secondary Faculty member, Dr. Nigam Shah, and explores how "Researchers used artificial intelligence and de-identified data from electronic health records to identify the safest types of hip implants."

5 Questions: Tina Hernandez-Boussard on using ‘real-world data’ to inform clinical care

September 3, 2019. "In an interview, computational biologist [and DBDS Secondary Faculty/BMI Faculty] Tina Hernandez-Boussard discusses analyzing the value of electronic health records as a source of information in the clinic."

Wall Lab research featured in New York Times!

July 17, 2019. Read more about how "Google Glass May Have an Afterlife as a Device to Teach Autistic Children."