Current Studies

We are currently conducting several research studies that are actively recruiting participants. As we begin new studies, we will list them here. 

Dr. Siegel founded the PHACE International Clinical Registry and Genetic Repository in 2006 and is working to determine the risk factors for complications in hemangiomas and PHACE and then to develop pharmacologic treatments.

Interested in joining the PHACE registry?

We hope to provide insights into potential barriers to quality dermatologic care that communities with rural, predominantly Spanish-speaking populations experience with the aim of informing interventions to reduce dermatologic health disparities. 

The Skin Community Outreach for Research and Education (SCORE) is an interactive educational workshop for teens. Our goal is to create a novel educational program that supports diversity and inclusion in skin health and skin science education.

We characterized the spectrum of dermatologic findings in mutation-positive individuals with cardio-facio-cutaneous (CFC) syndrome. In addition, we studied cutaneous mosaic RASopathies associated with rhabdomyosarcoma.