Welcome to the Dawn Siegel Lab!

The Siegel Lab is dedicated to researching specific skin conditions, particularly hemangiomas, birthmarks, and PHACE syndrome. Our research also aims to develop solutions to health disparities through improved access to pediatric dermatologists and treatments.

Health Disparities

We aim to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in health sciences by improving the understanding of the root causes of health disparities. 

PHACE Syndrome

Dr. Siegel's mission is to improve treatments for infantile hemangiomas and develop strategies to prevent neurodevelopmental, cardiovascular, and neurovascular complications in PHACE.


Dr. Siegel's team studies mosaic RASopathies and their association between congenital anomalies and childhood cancers. Dr. Siegel is also studying the genetic drivers of the papillomas in Costello syndrome with the goal of identifying targeted medical therapies to improve quality of life.

A Message from Dr. Dawn Siegel


"Through community partnerships and translational research, we are working to improve treatment of hemangiomas in infants and children. In our health equity work, we are developing programs for students to learn about health science careers and melanoma prevention. We are utilizing educational campaigns and collaborating with families, educators, and healthcare providers to achieve these goals.”