Program description

The CVP program aims to:

  • Provide a unique opportunity to understand the heart and lungs as an integrated system.
  • Utilize this system to demonstrate how a multidisciplinary approach is effective in solving questions related to pathophysiology, in developing new diagnostic tools and in designing novel and selective treatments.
  • Show how translational research is stimulated by a clinical problem but often results from basic observations in the laboratory.
  • Teach the art and rigor of study design in clinical trials and clinical epidemiological studies.
  • Provide the background to critically evaluate clinical and basic scientific literature
  • Provide the opportunity for medical students to work side by side with graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to investigate disease through basic and clinical scientific approaches

Program requirements:

Students choosing the CVP Application Area are required to develop (with their mentor) a proposal for scholarly work, or original research.

CVP Students are required enroll in a combination of MED223 -Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Sciences Journal Club and CTS 225 - Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine, for a total of 6 units.

The CVP research project must be the equivalent of one full time quarter of effort. Students are required to provide the following:

  • Written project report
  • Presentation of research
  • Mentor letter of summary


Degree Offered for Research Option:

If a student is interested in expanding their research project and coursework to a Masters or PhD degree, we will work with the student, the mentor and the appropriate department to facilitate this. For those choosing to pursue a Masters or PhD degree, the student will be required to fulfill the specific requirements of the degree granting department.