Research Development and Proposal Writing

The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine actively supports our clinical fellows, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty in project development & proposal writing.
Priorities include:
  • Diversity-specific funding opportunities
  • Fellowships and career development awards
  • Junior faculty first major research grants
Services include:
  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Editing and critically evaluating proposals
  • Interpreting sponsor requirements and providing strategic advice
  • Drafting-specific sections of the application
  • Assisting with pre-award budgeting, progress reports, and other supports
  • Coordinating completion of proposals, subcontracts, and large collaborative projects
  • Providing educational resources, workshops, and one-on-one consultations
Our model of 1:1 grant support is designed to enable the PI to focus on the science.
  • Recurring meetings to discuss progress, review drafts & strategize
  • Project management including checklists and timelines
  • Shared collaborative folders containing comprehensive educational resources and templates
  • Mock reviews scheduled as needed



The Team


Liz Seckel, MA

Director, Strategic Research Development

A former neuroscience researcher, Liz has helped raise tens of millions of dollars from public and private funding entities to advance health equity and social justice initiatives, and received several awards and distinctions both for her scientific work as well as her commitment to philanthropy. Liz provides individualized grantsmanship advice, coaching, and assistance to all tiers of trainees and faculty in CV Med.


Brandi Stephens, PhD

Research Development Specialist

Dr. Brandi Stephens is a cardiovascular physiologist by training with expertise in diversity and health equity research.  She combines her love for science and passion for grant writing to lead CV Med fellows, postdoctoral scholars, and junior faculty in submitting competitive fellowships and career development awards. Roles include identifying funding opportunities, meeting 1:1 to navigate the grant writing process, and providing critical feedback.


Jennifer Nguyen

Grants Specialist

Jennifer joined CV Med’s Strategic Research Development Team to manage the submission of grant applications and post-award progress reports. She also leads pre-award budgeting and facilitates other supports. Jenn is an accomplished research administrator completing her MS in Health Care Administration at Cal State East Bay.