MED 304A: Cardiovascular Medicine Clerkship-Inpatients (SUMC)


General cardiology rotation remains part of the “bread and butter” core of internal medicine inpatient rotations. Together with the CCU/heart failure (PGY II) and the cardiology consult service (VA and Stanford), these rotations form the foundation of the cardiology knowledge base for students. Advances in diagnostic imaging, rapid bedside testing and evidence based clinical trials have allowed us to deliver coordinated complex care to our patients with ample opportunities for teaching and learning. The development of the skills and knowledge required for the practice of cardiac vascular medicine is an essential part of the educational process of internal medicine training. Cardiovascular diseases affect millions of Americans and now we have tools and drugs to treat and/or prevent this problem. It is an essential large component of a daily internal medicine practice. Involves four weeks of intensive experience with clinical cardiology inpatients. ECG reading will be included. Students are required to attend daily teaching rounds with the attending cardiologist and house staff, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine conferences, and formal teaching sessions, including electrocardiography. Cardiac patients who do not require CCU care, e.g. AF, NSTEMI, chest pain, SBE are admitted primarily via the ER 7 days a week. Students will work directly with R1 and a supervisory R2 Medicine Resident and Cardiology faculty member. Work day usually is from 6 am – 7 pm with one day off/week. No night call as patients are covered by R2 and R3 night float residents.

*Please note: Visiting students must obtain approval from the clerkship director prior to applying for this clerkship.                       

Submit CV to Edralin Laus at

Medicine 300A

Periods Available
1-12, full-time for four weeks. 1 student per period. Stanford students have priority over visiting students.

Reporting Instructions:
Where: General Cardiology Conference room (HD-116) on D-1 Ground for rounds.  Time: 7:30 am.

Units: 6  Drop Code:  T  Call Code:1

John Schroeder, M.D.

Other Faculty:
W. Fearon, I Schnittger, A. Yeung, M. McConnell, S. Rockson, D. Lee, D. Liang, P. Yang, F. Haddad, T. Brinton, D. Banerjee, F. Haddad, J. Wu, M. Perez, P. Wang, P. Zei, R. Dash, S. Wu, I. Rodgers, S. Lin, J. Knowles, N. Leeper, R. Harrington, P. Yang.

Edralin Laus (E-mail:  Phone: (650) 723-5561