Administrative Staff

Division Management

Name Position
Lakshmi Mani
Division Manager
Julie Hutchinson Assistant Division Manager


Name          Position
Terra Coakley                              Program Manager, Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease; Communication and Events Manager, CV Medicine

Clinical Research Operations

Name  Position
Gotzone Garay Director of Clinical Research                                                     
Elizabeth Seckel Director Strategic Research Development

Financial Services

 Name   Position        
Crystal Diaz-Trejo
  Finance Manager
Samia Iftekhar   Grants/Financial Specialist
Anitra Johnson
  Research Administrator
Janelle Ponce   Research Administrator
Thuy-An Nguyen   Financial Analyst

Fellowship and Postdoctoral Fellowship

Name      Position
Erika Marr-Pollasky      Program Manager, Fellowship & Postdoctoral Programs Education
Taylor Storniolo   Fellowship Coordinator
Laliquinn Rotter    Fellowship Coordinator
Hannah Trang
  Fellowship & Postdoctoral Administrative Assistant
Sonal Maharaj    Postdoctoral Coordinator and Associate to Dr. Quertermous 
Anna Conol    Postdoctoral Coordinator 

Front Desk

Name Position
Judy Womack Receptionist

Administrative Support

Affinity Group

Division Chief and Division Manager Executive Assistant

Names Position  
Cassandra Hawthorne Executive assistant to Dr. Lewis and Lakshmi Mani  

Heart Failure

Name                       Position
Terra Coakley                             Programs Manager, Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease; Communication and Events Manager, CV Medicine 
Tawny Bagnol                       Associate to Drs. Sallam, Schroeder, Whitteles and Jimenez
Mailan Smith                                   Associate to Drs. Vaelos, Khush and Fowler


Name             Position
Tatyana Perkis             Associate to Drs. Wang, Nguyen, Viswanathan, Baykaner, Badhwar, Narayan and Perez                                           
Cristina Cruz
            Associate to Drs. Badhwar, Narayan and Perez


Names             Position

    Aya Golan             
                 Associate to Drs. Schnittger, Rogers, Liang, Dash, Nieman, Haddad, Yang, Tuzovic and Salerno

General Cardiology

Names Position
Ying(Tina) Shen Associate to Drs. Khandelwal, Reejhsinghani, Rodriguez and Knowles.

Advanced Heart Failure Transplant Cardiology

Name                         Position
Dalia Gonzalez                         Supervisor and Associate for Drs. Assimes, Hunt, Kawana, Khush, Teuteberg, and Lee

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Name       Position
Natalie La Mariana       Associate to Drs. Lui, Haeffele, Moneghetti, Rockson and Sharma


Name                               Position
Sonal Maharaj                               Postdoctoral Coordinator and Associate to Dr. Quertermous                            

Interventional Cardiology

Name                 Position
Manisha Sitlani                 Administrative Supervisor (CVMed), Assistant to Dr.  Alan Yeung, Medical Director of Cardiovascular Health             
Justin Toralba                 Associate to Drs. Tremmel, Fearon, Stertzer, and Kim