The Cardiovascular Imaging Division provides training program for cardiovascular radiologists and participates in educational curricula of trainees in radiology, cardiology, cardio-thoracic and vascular surgery.

CVI Fellowship

The Cardiovascular Imaging (CVI) Fellowship provides one year of training in noninvasive cardiovascular imaging using CT and MRI.


Dr. Dominik Fleischmann      Contrast Medium & Injection Strategies  
Adam Wang, PhD and Dr. Dominik Fleiashmann
  CT Dose Basics, CT Dose Reduction, CT Dose Reporting  
Dr. Henry Guo   CT Dynamic Airway  
Dr. Jody Shen   CT Protocol Tutorial  
Dr. Brian Pogatchnik   CT Endocarditis Mass Protocol  
Dr. Dominik Fleischmann & Shannon Walters   Clinical CT Image Processing Stanford 3D Quantitative Imaging Laboratory  
Adnan Tufekcic & Ted Iovino   Stanford CT Imaging Program Imaging Capabilities  
Dr. Jody Shen   CVI Trauma Case Studies  
Dr. Kiimberly Seifert   Neuro Trauma Case Studies  
Adnan Tufekcic, RT (R)(CT)(ARRT)   CT Trauma Protocols  
Ted Iovino, RT (R)(CT)(ARRT)   CT Trauma Imaging Tips and Tricks  
Dr. Richa Patel   CT Virtual Colonoscopy  

CVI Fellow Lectures

This is a SUnet ID protected comprehensive lecture series covering all aspects of cardiovascular imaging at Stanford, which serves as the basis for clinical cardiovascular imaging. Please use the link to login. After successful login, you will be able to access the lecture series videos.